Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
& Other Techniques
Fist & Kicking Methods (1)
Introduction to Jeet Kune Do (1)
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Bruce Lee believed punching & kicking were all human's instinct, so fast punches & powerful kicks are the most useful weapon in fighting. This program introduced 7 different basic fist methods & kicking methods in Jeet Kune Do with plenty of their applications. It helps you to have heavy & powerful fist & kicking.
This program introduces 8 different basic footwork in Jeet Kune Do & basic postures of facing opponents. It also included the development of Jeet Kune Do & plenty of real case examples to demonstrate the forms in Jeet Kune Do.
Fighting Strategy (1)
Item Code: JKD020
This program based on different situations that may occur in a real fight to help find & seize the chance to attack. It also shows how to prepare yourself for efficient attack through observation, distance keeping, balance, & strategy planning. It was divided into 14 parts: 1. Eye method, 2. Observation I, 3. Observation II, 4. Distance determination, 5. Balance, 6. Strategy, 7. Against opponent's forte, 8. Against opponent's shortcoming, 9. Counter-attack, 10. One-bow attack, 11. Preparing defense I, 12. Preparing defense II, 13. Timing, 14. Summary
Attacking Techniques (1)
Elbow & Knee Skills (1)
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Fighting is all about finding opportunity to attack. Defense can never win a fight. Attack is the only way to overcome opponents, so how to attack & how to look for an opportunity to attack are very important & they are the training purpose of this program. This program shows Bruce Lee's attacking skills. It includes simple & fast attacking skill, combined attacking skill, counter-attack skill, continuous attacking skill, & applications. Bones of elbows & knees are harder than other bones; easy to release direct & powerful forces in close combat, so their skills are very important in a fight. This program focuses on common elbow & knee skills in Jeet Kune Do & their applications. It includes 5 different elbow skills & 5 different knee skills.
Jeet Kune Do: Fundamentals (1)
Jeet Kune Do: Practical Skills (1)
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by Zi,Tian Long
by Zi,Tian Long
This program is divided in 5 parts:
1. Concepts of fighting: It includes concept of middle line, concept of tiny force, concept of relax, balance, distance & chances;
2. Attacking & Defending skills: It include attacking methods, coordination, kicking methods, counter attack, & Bruce Lee's 5 different attacking methods which include simple angle attack, locking hand attack, indirect attack, combined attack, inducing attack.
3. Fighting Strategies: strategy trainning, will of fighting trainning, direct way, way of selection, way of against the weakness or/& forte.
4. Fighting Skills
5. Will & Mind Trainning: sense training, concentration training, & other fighting will trainnings.
This program is divided in 2 parts:
1. Fundamental skills & its application: fighting position, footwork, fist methods, elbow method, leg method, knee method, ChinNa, throwing, defense skills.
2. physical training: warm-up, absolute power trainning, speed power training, endurance training, speed, flexibility, equipment, & other trainings.
Bruce Lee's Nunchakus Skills (2-Section Stick) (1)
Item Code: JKD025
by Ye, Han Bing Duration: 64 mins
This program is instructed by master Han Bing Ye, legendary "new southern staff king". It is divided into 4 major sections: 1. Nunchakus single part usage; 2. Nunchakus 2 sections usage; 3. Nunchakus single part xing-yi stick methods; 4. Nunchakus 2 sections xing yi methods.
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