Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
& Other Techniques
by Instructor Lee, Xiang Wei
Bruce Lee's Long Pole Techniques & Applications (1)
Item Code: JKD001, 53 mins
This program has 18 lessons, including alert posture, basic long pole techniques, side strike, reverse strike, intercepting, sweeping, pciking, different combinations of pole techniques, and different postures for defence and offense.
Bruce Lee Short Stick Techniques & Applications
Part.1 (1) Item Code: JKD002, 60 mins
Part. 2 (1) Item Code: JKD003, 58mins
Part.1 & Part. 2 (2) Item Code: JKD004, 118 mins
Short Stick is a handy, powerful, & fast weapon for close range combact. This program consists of 34 lessons, 17 lessons on each VCD. Showing the forms with a partner make it easy to learn. Content covers from the very basic like basic postures, basic stick methods, sudden attack to combination usages of different stick methods & posture to reach the purpose of defence & offense.
Jeet Kune Do Self-defense Techniques & Applications
Part.1 (1) Item Code: JKD005, 57 mins
Part.4 (1) Item Code: JKD008, 45 mins
Part.2 (1) Item Code: JKD006,52 mins
Part.5 (1) Item Code: JKD009, 45 mins
Part.3 (1) Item Code: JKD007, 52 mins
Part 1-5 (5) Item Code: JKD010, 265 mins
This program is the best Jeet Kune Do study materials on VCD. Every movement is performed slowly in different angles. It emphasizes applications and fighting strategies of Jeet Kune Do. Part 1 includes 18 basic movements and combination movements; Part 2 teaches you how to release from being locked on wrists, neck, head, shoulders, & waist; Part 3 includes linked leg methods, 3 linked leg methos, and how to attack opponents continuously; Part 4 teaches you how to defense from back attack and how to win 1 to 2 fights; Part 5 teaches you the strategies you may use when you encounter front and back attack at the same time and ground laiding attacking techniques.
Bruce Lee's Nunchakus Techniques
Part.1 (1) Item Code: JKD011
Part.2 (1) Item Code: JKD012
Part.3 (1) Item Code: JKD013
Part.1-3 (3) Item Code: JKD014
Nuchakus is the most well-known weapon used by Bruce Lee. He combined the advantages of old nunchakus techniques and formed a new modern form which is more powerful but simple and it would be showed and taught in this program. Part.1 includes basic 12 forms, basic 18 movements, and Very powerful "Twister Nunchakus" Techniques (Intermediate Level); Part 2 has 14 lessons, including basic footworks, feet postures, offense and counter-attack strategies; Part 3 includes Advanced nunchakus strategies, and 1 to 2+ persons fighting strategies, & ground laiding techniques.
Jeet Kune Do Street Fighting Techniques & Applications
by Instructor Chen, Shao Hua
Part.1 (1) Item Code: JKD015, 49 mins
Part.2 (1) Item Code: JKD016, 47 mins
Part.1 & 2 (2) Item Code: JKD017, 96 mins
This program contains 22 techniques, 11 techniques on each disc. Each is simulating different situations in street fights and teach you how to defense and attack in different circumstances using nunchakus, legs and fists.
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