Wushu Conference, Competition, Documentary, Group Performance, & Workshops Series
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2005 JiaoZuo Demonstrations of Taiji masters (1)
Item Code: ZH029
This program recorded the excellent demonstrations of taijiquan at Jiao Zuo Taijiquan competion, August 2005. You would enjoy the fantastic performances by different taiji masters.
Demonstrations of Taijiquan Masters Series 2002
This program is recorded during the International Tai Chi Chuan Exchange Programme In August 2002, China. It collected all the Chen style Tai Chi masters demonstrations in the Programme.
Content: Demonstration of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan by Chen Zhenglei; Demonstrations of Chen Style Tai Chi Old Frame (LaoJia) 1st Routine by Wang XiAn, ZhuTianCai, Chen ShiTong, Chen Bin, Chen XiaoXing; Demonstration of Chen Style Tai Chi Ball by Chen QingZhou; Demonstration of Chen Style Tai Chi Double Sword by Chen GuiZhen; and Demonstrations of Chen Style Tai Chi Old Frame (LaoJia) 2nd Routine by Wang ZhanJun, Chen Zhiqiang
2002 JiaoZuo Demonstrations of Chen style Taiji masters (2)
Item Code: ZH011
New Item !! 2006 Hong Kong International Grand Wushu Competition (2)
Item Code: ZH017
This competition attracted nearly 1000 people from all over the world, Austria, Germany, USA, Thailand, Netherland, Iran, France, Philipines, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, & difference provinces in China. It contains 1500+ events. 
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Hong Kong
International Wushu Festival 2005 (1)
Hong Kong
International Wushu Festival 2004 (2)
Item Code: ZH015
Item Code: ZH014
Hong Kong International Wushu Festival is an once-a-year event. It provided opportunities for players to show their skills, interact with other players. This program recorded the event and showed it all wushu lover all over the world. 
Hong Kong International Wushu Festival held once a year. This year, 2nd time, we have master Zhang Nai Liang, Mu Xiu Jie, Ma Chun Xi, Zong Guang Yau.... 36 wushu masters and other wushu athletes. A collectable item.
Hundred Wushu Masters Show (4)
Item Code: ZH013
about 120 mins
Content: 4 VCDs, US$24.99
Wushu is the treasure of Chinese culture. They are traditional & have strong social influence. To promote this traiditional Chinese cultural in 2008 Olympic Game in Beijing, we gathered more than a hundred of wushu masters between 6/10/2004 and 6/13/04 in Beijing to perform their own specialties. We recorded it and presents it to wushu lovers all over the world. Performances include Chen, Zhaobao, Wu2, Wu3 Taiji, Wudang, Shaolin, Hsing-I, Baji, Ground-lying, Mizong, Yi Quan, Bagua.... and more forms.
Million Tai Chi Players Show (1)
(Tian An Men, Beijing & The Great Wall)
Authorized and directed by Chinese Wushu Association
Item Code: ZH012
Duration: 66 mins
Performance at Tian An Men, Beijing
Purpose: In memoriam of Deng Xiao Ping's inscription "Taiji Quan is Good" 20 years anniversary & celebrating 40 years establishment of Chinese Wushu Association.
Performers: Tai Chi lovers from Beijing, HeBei, Macau, Taiwan, USA, Korea and other countries.
Content: Performances of 24 forms Sun, Chen, Wu2, Wu3, Yang style Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Push Hand.
Performance at The Great Wall, sponsored by Beijing Sports Bureau
Performers: Champions in National Tai Chi Chuan Competition, Wushu masters, Movie & TV stars, college students, high school students, primary school students, police, military police.
Content: Group wushu plays, tai chi fans, tai chi chuan performances.
Zhuhai (China) International Tai Chi Chuan Exchange Programme Game VCD Series
2001 Zhuhai (China) International Tai Chi Chuan Exchange Programme Game (2)
Item Code: ZH01
2001 Zhuhai International Exchange Programme Game is an international taiji competition with 1700 players from around 200 different countries. These VCD set record the entire Programme Game with the demonstrations by different style tai chi masters.
Demonstrations of Taijiquan Masters Series 2001
Demonstrations by most famous experts of Taijiquan from China. Chen style Tai Chi is presented by: Chen Zhenglei, Wang Xi'an, Ma Hong, Zhang Zhijun; Yang style: Yang Zhenduo, Fu Shengyuan, Zhao Youbin, Cui Zhongshan, etc; Sun style: Sun Yongtian; Wu Jianquan's style: Ma Hailong; Wu Yuxiang's style: Wu Wenhan, Zhong Zhenshan, Hu Fengming, etc; Zhaobao style: Zhao Zengfu, Wang Haizhou, Li Yufen; Wudang style: You Xuande, Guo Zhaofeng. Demonstrations of Competition Routines by Li Deyin, Wang Erping & Wu Dong.
Item Code: ZH02
Item Code: ZH03
Part I (2)
Part II (2)
A Class with Taijiquan Masters Series
See Footage of famous Taijiquan experts from China conducting classes during international meeting held in Zhuhai, China in 2001. See how they taught movements on the routines, gave detailed explanations, & explain theory or answer questions asked by the students.
Whole Set Price (Part I- IV): Item code: ZH08, US$45.00
Part III (2)
Part IV (1)
Part II (2)
Part I (2)
Item Code: ZH06
Item Code: ZH05 Item Code: ZH07
Item Code: ZH04
Featuring: master Chen, Zhenglei (Chen style Tai Chi inheritor), Yang Zhenduo (Yang style Tai Chi inheritor), Ma Hailong (Wu2 style Tai Chi inheritor)
Featuring: master Ma, Hong (Chen style Tai Chi inheritor) Featuring: master Fu, Shengyuan (Yang style Tai Chi inheritor), Zhang Zhijun (Chen style Tai Chi inheritor), Zhao Youbin (Yang style Tai Chi inheritor), Zhao, Zengfu (Zhaobao Tai Chi inheritor) Featuring: Zhang Zhijun (Chen style Tai Chi inheritor)
Demonstrations of Taiji Push Hand Series
Part II (2)
Part I (2)
Item Code: ZH09
Item Code: ZH10
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