Wushu Conference, Competiton, Documentary, Group Performance, & Workshops Series 3
"Sui Qu Jiu Shen": Selected Collections of Chinese Taiji Masters (2)
Item Code: ZH030
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Several taijiquan masters shared their experience on training methods and the road to master taijiquan. Deeply illustrated  the Tao, Fa, Su, Gong in Chinese martial arts and different levels of health-preserving, sanshou techniques, and culture. Masters included Li DeYing, Yang ZhengDuo, Qiao SongMiao, Men HuiFeng, Cui ZhongShan, Feng ZhiQiang, Zhao CengFu, Zhong ZhenShan, Xia BaiHua, Sun JianYun, Chen ZhenLei, & Li BingCi.
Master Feng ZhiQiang (2)
Item Code: ZH031
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Master Feng ZhiQiang, one of the most influential wushu grandmaster in China, who practices Chen style Taijiquan and has very great important reputation in Chinese Taijiquan. This video includes the deep conversation with Mr. Feng ZhiQiang and his important forms by him.
Master Men HuiFeng (2)
Item Code: ZH032
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
This film systematically and extensively introduced his whole life and his wushu achievement as a grand master. It covered his important and unique point of views on Taijiquan, his contributions, and brilliant performances.
Bruce Lee (2)
Item Code: ZH033
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
This film systematically and extensively introduced the whole life and his kungfu of Bruce Lee, including his important Kungfu viewpoints and kinds of contribution with lots of brilliant performance by himself.
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(1) Single
VCD, US$7.99
(2) Set of 2
VCDs, US$13.99