The Traditional Zhaobao Taijiquan DVD Series

Demonstrated by Wang Chang'an

About the performer: Direct disciple of Taiji Master Guo Shikui
Winner of the national Zhaobao Taijiquan golden award


The Overture of Boxing (make nine-sound without touching the ground)
(1 disc)

Item Code: ZBTJ04
Duration: 46 min
Was US$19.99

  The Overture of Traditional Zhaobao Taiji from the great Taiji master Guo Shukui is the essential routine of the 72 forms of Zhaobao Taijiquan. It is the foundation of the boxing, and it is not shown to the public. It is also called "make nine-sound without touching the ground." It means that all the sounds are made in the air. It requires the body to be agile, the legs to be quick and continue quickly between postures. When practiced, it is very elegant and beautiful.

The Routine of 72 Forms and the Usages in Practical Combat
(2 discs)

Item Code: ZBTJ05
Duration: 127 min, 113 min
Was US$29.99

  This routine, which has a strong sense of ancient Taiji style, is reserved by Taiji Master Guo Shikui. The movement of Taijiquan should be totally round, with opening and closing, small circle in big circle, three uprights, and four smoothnesses. Distinction of yin and yang should be found in the body, substance, and footwork. Every movement should be conjoint with each other. It is valuable to learn and use.
Wang Chuang'an performs the original function of traditional Taijiquan with the guidance of Master Guo. Every form of the traditional Taijiquan has profound meaning in the art of attack and defense.

Pushing-hands for Practical Combat in Traditional Zhaobao Taijiquan
(1 disc)

Item Code: ZBTJ06
Duration: 105 min
Was US$19.99

  Every school of Taijiquan has their own special combat pushing-hands. The characteristics of Combat Pushing-hands of Zhaobao Taijiquan inherited by Wang Chang'an from Taiji Master Guo Shikui are the following: The footwork is light, the body is agile, the hip is flexible, the hand is quick. It beats to far distance with lasting strength. The body and step are free to close to the opponent anytime. And it has some special techniques of attack, which is called attack with the eighteen body-stroke, such as the side-body-stroke and window-body-stroke and so on. The skills are powerful, simple and practical.


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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)