Yue Family Fist VCD Series
About the form: Yue Family Fist was created by Yue Fei, a famous genernal in Sung Dynasty defensing his country against the invasion of northern tribes. Nowadsys, many temples in China still worship general Yue Fei for his loyalty, righteousness, and benevolence. Yue Family Fist is simple and offensive, totally 10 fist routines. Most movements are very practical.
About performer: Master Yei lan Zhang is 26th generation inheritor of Yue Family Fist. He is now the Chairman of Yue Family Fist Research Institute and 1st Grade National Wushu Judge.
by master Zhang, Yei Lan
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Yue Family Fist (1)
Yue Family Spear (1)
Yue Family Staff (1)
Yue Family LiuHe Fist (1)
Shuang San Men (1)
(Double Three Door)
Shuang San Men was evolved from San Men Standing Pole Fist. It keeps the characteristics of the footwork& standing pole method of San Men Standing Pole Fist. Among the routines' movements, grapping, hitting, & throwing skills are the core of Yue Family Fist.It is an advanced routine in Yue Family Fist
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This program contains 30 practical useage of Yue Family Fist. It feactures how to gain mastery by striking only after the enemy has struck and how to rely upon waiting the right opportunity instead of striking first without observations.
Yue family Spear is the one of most well-reputed spear forms in Chinese Wushu. One movement can contain both attacking meaning and defense meaning. Defense within attack; Attack within defense. Simple & Offensive. This program contains 36 major movements.
Yue family staff contains the characteristics of Yue family spear movements. Fast and Powerful. All movements can bit the opponent at one go. Split, Point, Sweep, & Intercept are the major attacking method.
It is the 6th routine of Yue Family Fist. It is the core. LiuHe means 6 harmony. It is divided into outer 3 harmony and inner 3 harmony. Outer 3 harmony: Hands & Feet, Elbows & Knees, and Shoulders & Hip acting in harmony. Inner 3 harmony: Heart & Mind, Mind & Qi, and Qi & Strength in harmony.