Zhang Yucong Taiji Quan and Weapon Appreciation DVD

Demonstrated by Zhang Yucong

About the performer: 11th successor to Chen-style Taiji Quan, 5th successor to Wu-style Taiji Quan



Zhang Yucong Taiji Quan and Weapon Appreciation
(1 disc)

Item Code: DMD02
Duration: 61 min
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  Mr. Zhang Yucong started learning Taiji Quan from 1954 and learnt from Mr. Li Jingwu in 1978. Since then he has been in persistent practice and got the strong points of Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun styles, and delves into Quan theory and pushing hands. In this program, Mr. Zhang Yucong demonstrates many classic routines such as traditional Wu-style Taiji Quan, Routine I of Traditional Chen-style Taiji Quan, Traditional Sun-style Taiji Quan, 88 Routines of Yang-style Taiji Quan, Traditional Wu-style Taiji Sword, and Taiji Pushing Hands.



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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)