Yi (Mind) Sword Series
by master Zhang, Shu Xi
Yi Sword (1)
Item Code: YSD01
Item Code: YSD02
Hun Yuan 5 Animals Yi Chuan (1)
Hun Yuan Qigong (1)
Item Code: YSD03
About the form: Yi Sword is a rare Yi Chuan form. Practicers using their own internal qi to play the sword. Master Zhang can play the sword using his qi to warm the edge of sword in Winter, to cool the edge of sword in Summer. You can tell how "thick" his internal qi is.
About the performer: Master Shu Xi Zhang is a folk wushu master. He was awarded several gold medals on Taiji Quan.
It is called Jing (quiet) Gong. Hun Yuan Qigong is the most basic exercise for learning Yi sword. You need control your qi well to play the sword freely.
It is called Dong (moving) Gong. Splendid movements. It is the fundamentals of Yi Sword.
Yi Sword is a very rare routine in Yi Quan. You need to train yourself well in Hun Yuan Standing pole method, which is included in Hun Yuan Qigong, to master the form.
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