Quintessence of Yi Quan (Da Cheng Quan) DVD Series

Performed and Explained by Wang Yongxiang

About the performer: Second Generation Successor in Yi Quan

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Based on the theory and practice of Yi Quan of Mr. Wang Xiangzhai, Wang Yongxiang generalizes the effective training method on three disputing forces from the internal to the external. It is used for teaching or combat. You can get great effects and attack or defend quickly. The theory of Yi Quan emphasizes the philosophy, namely it should be cooperated with thought, and it isn't only the force. There's great benefits to practicing Yi Quan. It requires contention between the natural environment and your whole body, and not using part of the body to attack or defend. So the theory is science.

Break Hand and Vivacious Dance of Yin Quan
(1 disc)

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Duration: 45 min
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Piling For Life Enhancement
(1 disc)

Item Code: YC05
Duration: 48 min
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Internal and External Contradiction Force and Releasing Force
(1 disc)

Item Code: YC06
Duration: 58 min
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)