Yi Chuan DVD Series
by master Bo, Jiacong
Yi Chuan Fali (Force Application) & Sanshou (Free Sparring)
Duration: 127 mins
Item Code: YC01
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NTSC, Language:
Mandarin Chinese, Three Subtitles (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
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Fali (Force Application) is effective usage of hitting power.  It's the comprehensive showing of training of Standing pole exercises, Shili (power Testing), & footwork. Sudden explosion & abrupt stop is the key of Fali.
Sanshou is the actual combact forms in Yi Chuan. Combact principles of the Yi Chuan:
1. Clear your mind and will. 2. No fixed rule of attacking & defensing. Appropriate rules are in your clear mind. 3. Movements should be complete. Move agilely to destinated position. 4. Guard the middle and use the "middle" appropriately.
Master Jiacong Bo is 3rd generation successor of Yi Chuan. He is now the president of Beijing Yi Quan Research Institute, & a member of Beijing Wushu Association.
Yi Quan VCD Series
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Yi Chuan Body Exercise (Single Hand Exercise) & Push Hand
Duration: 122 mins
Item Code: YC02
Yi Chuan Standing Posture (Stake Exercises) & Shili (Force Usage)
Duration: 123 mins
Item Code: YC03
Single Hand Exercise of Yi Quan also named as Sport Exercise. This special exercise is essential auxiliary for combact training. It can be improve your skill quality, especially helpful in understand the key techniques of Yi Quan.
Pushing hands is a kind of actual combat exercises. Embody the skills of the Shili and footwork. It can make up for the definciency of Sanshou. Push hand is an unique method of fight training in China. The priniciple of pushing hands: It has and has not rules, and it is all within feelings.
According to different purposes, Standing Posture includes the Stake techniques for health care (parallel step) and for actual combact (oblique T-step). Health Care Stake is the original purpose for wushu study. If you can grasp the skills and use them freely, the purpose become less important and feel like no difference. Esssential points of the stake exercises: Concentration, Relaxationof your body, and nature breathing. Comparing with Shili, stake exercises are relatively still.
The aim of Shili (Try force, Force usage) is to activate the force you obtained in stake exercises and to use it freely. Shili requires slow. The slower the the better. While practising, you feel the force with your hands & arms like swimming in the air, then naturally feel like two free snakes moving in the air..