Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan  DVD Series
by Ding, ShuiDe
Syndic of International Tajiquan Sodality in Yongnian of China, Vice-chairmen of China Folk Wushu Experts Sodality
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Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 85 Forms
Item Code: YTC016 Content: 3 DVD discs, 160 mins
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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 85 Forms is very practical. It combines dynamic with static movements, softness with firmness, like a dragon flying around. It enjoys a good reputation that the player can have a trial of strength with his opponents without touching their bodies.
Concised Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan
Content: 1 DVD disc, 117 mins
Item Code: YTC017
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Yang Style Taijiquan is a book of great practicability. It is said that stillness is in the movement, and hardness hides in the softness, so that it is like a locomotors swimming dragon, having the wonderful reputation that it can also attack the others without any touch of the body and hands.
Yang Style Tai Chi Broadsword
Item Code: YTC018 Content: 1 DVD disc, 122 mins
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Traditional Yang Style Taiji Broadsword preserves the simple and unsophisticated characteristics of broadsword, it moves as fierce as a tiger, and the practitioner walking agilely as an ape. Its basic methods of broadsword include: cutting, chopping, upper cutting, embracing, hacking, pointing, sweeping, parrying, hanging, thrusting, twining, holding and pulling, and it's also called 13-posture broadsword. Settle firmness in softness, melf force by shrinking or sending out, its movements are most changeful.
Yang Style Tai Chi Pushing Hands
Item Code: YTC019 Content: 2 DVD discs, 125 mins
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Practicing Taijiquan alone is to comprehend oneself, which is the foundation; Push Hand is the usage of Taiji, to comprehend the opponent. Push Hand combines foundation and usage. The attacking and defending techniques in Push Hand are the essence and soul of Taijiquan. The philosophy of Taiji reveals in its sticking and following, bending and clinging, dodging and moving, softening the opponent and attacking hard. You can practice Taiji Push Hand anywhere, anytime, and at any age, as long as you finda a co-practicer. Very convenient.
Yang Style Tai Chi Sparring Exercises
Item Code: YTC020 Content: 2 DVD discs, 127 mins
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It is believed that Taiji sparring routine, first appeared in 1943, was originated from Yang Chengfu. Mr Chen Yanlin compiled a book including the fist, sword, broadsword, staff, sanshou of Yang style Taiji in a book which was wide-spread in china. 36 years later, master Sha Guozheng reorganized it. The Taiji fist pair sparring routine requires agile footwork and movements, changeful hand skills. The traditional taiji skills embody in its sticking and following, bending and cling, dodging and moving, softening the opponent and attacking hard. It is a hybrid of entertainment, exercise, and playfulness and techniques.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)