Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan  DVD Series
Explained & Performed by: Zhang, Fu Hua
Demonstration Assistants: Xu, JiShui & Zhou, RongJun
About the Performer: FuHua Zhang is 6th generation inheritor of Yang Style Taijiquan. He was disciple of master Fu, ShengYuan.
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Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 85 Forms
Item Code: YTC012 Content: 2 DVD discs, 106 mins
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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan 85 Forms features impressive movements, compact juncture, vertical body, smooth adroit, & composed emotion. It integrates hardness with softness & alternates slowness with quickness. Its movements display mightiness without being clumsy, close instead of distant, solid as well as empty, attack in concert with defence. Hence, it's high appreciative and practical.
Yang Style Tai Chi Push Hand Exercise
Content: 1 DVD disc, 44 mins
Item Code: YTC013
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Tai Chi Push Hand Exercise is a duel event between two bare-handed people, and therefore has a feature of duel between two opponents. Following and sticking, up & down going together, neither loosing nor goring, circling and turning, avoiding the main force and stiking the weak point, persisting instead of prompting, this exercise draws on these basic techniques of grasping, catching, throwing, hitting, warding, deflecting, pushing, pressing, elbowing, & leaning, etc... to drill the sensibility of skin and body, so as to take preemptive steps in fighting the enemy. Hence, it's a super martial art exercise marked by taking advantage of the enemy's force to counterattack.
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword
Item Code: YTC014 Content: 1 DVD disc, 55 mins
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Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Sword originated from Tai Chi Chuan. It shared the same characteristics and requirements with Tai Chi Chuan exercise and keeps the antique style of weapons which wielded as fierce as tiger and as adroit as jungle ape. Tai Chi Sword's movement features circles, as is the same as Tai Chi Chuan and sword. However, Tai Chi Sword's wielding circles hovering above and around head is most outstanding.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)