Yang Style Taiji Push Hand Techniques DVD Series
Performed and explained by Li, De Run
About the Performer: Wu Shi Jun is 11th generation inheritor of Chen style Taiji Quan. He passed 7th level wushu evaluation test. National 1st grade wushu judge, coach, famous wushu master.
About the series: Techniques of Traditional Yang Style Taiji Push Hands include 5 words. Those words are tumble, strike, capture, seize, and throw. Tumble is techniques of lower limbs: all kinds of leg techniques. Strike is techniques of upper limbs: all kinds of strike techniques. Capture is techniques of finger: all kinds of closing Jingluo. Seize is techniques of hand: all kinds of grasp, seize, lock, & buckle. Throw is techniques of throw which uses three kinds of throw techniques. These routines were passed down by master Hu, Xingzhai, the desciple of Yang Jian Hou, who was 2nd generation inheritor of Yang style Taiji Quan.
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Fixed Step Single Hand Push Hand Techniques
Duration: 67 mins
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The routine emphasize the harmony and standardization between upper leg and lower leg. Big circling is the characteristic of upper body and hands. The strength cannot be increased or decreased. Arms should be rotated inward and outward. Circle can be divided into two semicircles, four areas. Some formulas verse says: Bow in the front and empty in the back then keeps the center naturally, lean forward and lay backward to stand still the left and right sides.
Fixed Step Two Hands Push Hand Techniques
Item Code: YTC007 Duration: 64 mins
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This routine is based on single push hand techniques, connecting two arms, both hands should lead and follow. The former is leading and the latter is following. Following is to "Stick", the cross-use of sticking can keep two arms connected. Only if you can do that then you can move freely between chests. Then your head should be raised, your neck will be upright and your hips will be lowered. Relax your chest and abdomen then make your back natural. There is a saying: "Move spirally to neutralize the opponenets' forces by Tanzhong".
Free Step Push Hand Techniques
Item Code: YTC008
Was US$19.99 Duration: 56 mins
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This program: On the base of Shi Zheng Shou (Four-sides-hand) with fixed stance, it talks about the 4 energies of the upper limbs and the harmonious integrality of the lower limbs. The 4 energies embody the identification and opposition of "To adhere and lift". "To-join", "To adhere horizontally", & "To attach from the rear". Always keep the movement of the 2 persons in a whole, canonical and harmonious.
Shi Zheng Shou (Four-sides-hand)
Item Code: YTC009 Duration: 67 mins
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Content of Shi Zheng Shou: It is based on The 3 methods and 4 techniques of using forces on the basic double push hands. 3 methods are method "forward", method "backward", & method "forward & backward". 4 techniques of using forces are "ward-off", "rub", "press-forward", & "push". 2 persons should move with note to embody the identification and opposition of the 5 elements. The formulas verse is that, one "ward-off", two "press forward", three "change hands", four "rub", & "five push" then turn body.
Yang Style Tai Chi Push Hand Techniques in Combat
by master Zhang, Jizong
3rd generation of inheritor of Taiji Wuxing Tongbei Quan
Item Code: YTC011 Duration: 51 mins
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These techniques were directly passed to Ce Zhang (Orient Knight-errant) who was the creator of Taiji 5 elements Tonbei Fist by ianhou Yang. Jianhou Yang was 3rd son of Luchan Yang who was the creator of Yang style Taijiquan.
This program embodies the characteriesitcs of Yang style Taijiquan, that is, move as flowing water, comforatble, extended unfolding, natural and smooth, sticking, linking, continuing, and following, neither "not letting go nor reistance", making the upper and lower body acting in unison. According to the rules of sticking, linking, continuing, & following, without letting go and with no resistance, no-discreption and no-excess, following the bending to extend. Use the 8 technqiues of "ward-off", "rub", "press-forward", "push", "pull-down", "pluck", "elbow-stoke" & "body-stroke", and strength route to practise the listening by touching and feeling. In this way, you can find how the opponent change his force, and master the techniques of "react hurryingly if the opponent moves hurryingly, follow slowly if opponent moves slowly." and "If others don't move, I don't move; If other just want to move, I move first." Influence the opponents' center of the body and break his balance of force. Seize the chance to break emptiness with solidness, use the 4 ounces to neutralize a thousand pounds. Thereby you can defeat the opponent.
In this program, it explains the practising and using of single push hand, double push hand, fixed step and free steps push hand in detail. With abundant, widely-covered, and valuable content, it is an excellent teaching show.
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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones,
Mandarin Chinese,
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)