Yan Qing Men VCD Series
by Sifu Yuan, Guo Jun
About the performer: Sifu Guo Jun Yuan is 5th generation of Shun style Plum Blossom Fist and 7th generation inheritor of TongShan YangQingMen Wushu. .
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5 General Broadsword (1) Single Hand Fist (1)
13 Sections Whip (1)
Item Code: YQM11
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Single Hand Fist is the 3rd routine in Yan Qing Meng Wushu. This routine, as its name, are mainly single hand forms. Major hand methods are: Wuhua hand, pressing hand, blocking hand..etc.
A practical broadsword routine. It major skills are Pi (cut), Liao (sprinkle), Ci (pierce), Dou (chop), Gou (hook), Gua (hang)... Changing the hand holding the broadsword is one of the feature exercises in this broadsword routine.
"Yan" in ancient word means "skillful", "Qing" means "mind" in ancient word. It descibes that Yan Qing Men wushu is a skillful, mind-oriented wushu. Whip has 7, 9, 11, 13 sections. This routine contains general whip techniques using 13 sections whip.
Xiao Shi Fist (1)
3 Step Frame (1)
Yan Qing Fist (1)
Item Code: YQM03
Item Code: YQM01 Item Code: YQM02
Xiao Shi Fist is the 1st fist routine of Yan Qing Men wushu. "Xiao" means Small; "Shi" means Form. A represnetable routine in Yan Qin Men wushu with unique fighting techniques.
A major fist routine containing the general skills of Yan Qing Men wushu. Major hand methods: Blocking hand, Crossing hand, Rolling hand, Binding hand, & Cutting hand. Yan Qin Men is a famous regional wushu sec. in Tong Shan, a city at Northern China. It is the fundamental fist routine of Yan Qing Men. Clear hardness & softness. Major hand methods are block, pick, roll, push, turn, cut, & wuhua.
Sanshou Essence of Yan Qing Men Wushu (1)
Flying Dragon Fist (1)
Item Code: YQM05
Item Code: YQM04
Flying Dragon Fist is the 2nd fist routine of Yan Qing Men wushu. Its major forms are "Dragon Steps" & "Yellow Dragon Body-Turning". This program contains the sanshou essences of 5 different Yan Qing Men routines. Some of the skills were commonly used by deceased Yan Qing Men masters. It truely presented the practical side of traditional wushu.
Lu Hua Spear (1) Purple Cloud Sword (1)
Yan Qing Staff (1)
Item Code: YQM06 Item Code: YQM07
Item Code: YQM08
Purple Cloud Sword is an important weapon routine in Yang Qin Men wushu. It basic skills are Pi (cut), Ci (pierce), Gua (hang), & Liao (sweep).
Yan Qing staff is a practical staff routine. Most of the time are using "Ying Shou", Ying hand to hold the staff. Varied changes of Ying & Yang in this routine. Most movements are side sweep, Pi (cut), Suo (lock), & Die (stack).
A simple and practical spear routine. It major skills are Lian (block), Na (grap), Ja (throw), Pi (cut), Hua (flow), & Gua (hang).
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