Yi Chuan VCD Series
by Zhang, Guang Yu
About the performer: Guang Yu Zhang is President of Xuzhou HunYuan Wushu School in Jiangsu Province, committee member of China Wudang Fist Association
Standing Pole (1)
Beginners Usage of Forces (1)
Item Code: YQ019
Item Code: YQ018
Yi Quan emphasizes on mind. Mind training is the most important part of training. Standing Pole is the training for mind. Peaceful mind is required to do this exercise. Play this program again and again and pay attention to the detail. You will find something new everytime you replay it.
Tiger & Crane Fist is the major form in the system of "Ho (back) 5 Tiger". It contains long & short "Qiao Hand" & plenty of hand methods. It contians refined & changable characteristics of short "Qiao Hand" & wide open characteristics of long "Qiao Hand". This form was first formed by Huang Fei Hong, then was organized by his inheritor Lin Si Rong. It is widely practised in southern China & overseas.
Sili (force-testing) (1)
Fist, Footwork (1)
Item Code: YQ020
Item Code: YQ021
After Standing Pole reaching to certain level & obtain certain amount of "Gongli", you can start practising how to use "Gongli". Sili requries "slow". Slow is better than fast. Unhurried is better tha hurry. Sili is like a "air-swimming" exercise. Through the training, two arms like 2 live boas.
All "forces" are combination & sum of mind. It is not simply "forces". This Fist, Footwork exercises train internal & also external forces. Fists are solid; Footwork are full of spirit and agile. Hand, eye, body, & foot all act accordingly with mind.
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