Yi Chuan (Da Cheng Chuan) Series
by master Huang, Jing Wen
About the performer: Master Jing Wen Huang is 3rd generation inheritor of Da Cheng Chuan.
Yi Chuan: Standing Posture (1)
Yi Chuan: Shili (Force Usage) (1)
Yi Chuan: Fali (Force Releasing) (1)
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Yi Chuan standing posture methods divided into 2 parts, for health-preserving or fighting. Movements of 2 parts are basically the same. Their difference is on the "mind" while applying the forms. Hun Yuan standing posture is the core of Yi Chuan. No matter you are a beginner or a advanced player, standing posture are always needed to be trained.
Shili is the extention of Standing posture. It is the testing of force-issuing. It utilized air resistance to stimulate the forces generated from standing postures to release externally. Movements require slow. Entire movement feel like full of resistance. In appearance, it has the stillness of standing posture & smoothness of its fighting techniques. Shili is the essence of Yi Chuan health-preserving dance. Health-preserving dance is the extemporaneous performance of Shili. An important Yi Chuan skill.
Although Da Cheng Quan has several ways to issue forces, actually, it is all about sudden forces of standing postures issuing from different angles. Fali (force-issuing) is the application & realization of standing posture. Correct method of standing postures directly affect the power of forces. Fali has different fist, palm, & leg forms on fixed & moving steps.
Yi Chuan: Sparring Exercises (2)
Yi Chuan: Footwork & Push Hand (1)
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If Fali (force-issuing) are messy marbles on the floor, footwork is the string that string them up. There is an old saying "you would rather teach a force than footwork", so you would know how important footwork is. It contains phoenix step (straight line steps), Triangle step (cross lines), Bagua step (circling). MoCa (Rubbing) Step is the basic of all footwork. It is a practical fighting training program. Beside attacking immoral body parts, eyes, throat, & reproductive organ, all attacking method can be used.
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