Yi Chuan (Da Cheng Chuan) Series
by master Wang, Yung Xiang
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About the performer: Master Yung Xiang Wang is the inheritor of master Wang, Xiang Zhai. He has several thesis published. Plenty of disciples, one of leading yi quan masters today.
About the form: Based on master Xiang Zhao Wang's theories & Yung Xiang Wang's own experiences, Yung Xiang Wang concluded that using "3 Inner Conflicting Forces", then using "Inner & Outer Conflicting Forces" are effective fundamental training method. Forces in Yi Quan is not only forces. It contains usage of spirit & mind. The best advantage of Yi Quan is to learn how to consolidate forces of whole body & use it to against outside forces, not only particular parts of body.
Inner & Outer Conflicting Forces & Force Issuing (1)
Intercepting Hand & Health Preserving Dance (1) Health Preserving Standing Posture (1)
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by master Li, Quan You
About the performer: Quan You Li was born in 1954. He started learning Yi Quan from his uncle, Kuo Chang Wang at very young age, then he was taught by master Zhi Liang Li & Yu Fong Wang. He is now Head Coach of Beijing Wang Xiang Zhai Yi Quan Training Center.
Applications of Yi Chuan (1)
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This VCD contain 7 parts:
1. Concised fighting techniques of Yi Quan
2. Swimming Dragon Dance
3. Practical hand methods (Ben Fist, Zhan Fist, Pi Fist, Quan Fist, Cannon Fist, Xiao Palm, Ye Palm, Ta Palm)
4. Force-issuing methods
5. Swimming body & footwork fighting training
6. Fundamentals
by master Li, Zhao Shan
About the performer: Master Zhao Shan Li is 3rd generation inheritor of Da Cheng Chuan, direct student of Yi Quan master Wong, Shan Jia, most important 3rd generation inheritor. He was invited to teach Yi Quan on 13 different major TV channels in China in Beijing, Shandong, Tianjing, Chunqing, Wuhan....
Da Cheng Chuan Health-preserving Dance (1)
Item Code: YQ007
This seperate routine was created under the instruction of 2nd generation yi quan grand master Shan Jia Wong. It has very high value in preserving health. All movements are well-balanced and well-organized. It can practise with Yi Quan standing pole methods.
Da Cheng Chuan Fighting Techniques (1)
Item Code: YQ008
Includes: Usage of internal forces, training in fast decision, single choushou, linked fist techniques, application, counter-attack training, attack & defense training, sense of attack training, applications of ZanNan (attach) methods.
Yi Quan VCD Series
by master Bo, Jia-chun
About performer: Master Jia-chun Bo is 3rd generation inheritor of Yi Chuan. He is now the Chairman of Beijing Yi Chuan Research Association and a Committee of Beijing Wushu Association.
Yi Chuan: Standing Posture (1)
Yi Chuan: Shili (Power Usage) (1)
Yi Chuan: Fali (Power Releasing) (1)
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Item code: YQ002
Item code: YQ003
Fundamental forms of Yi Chuan. Requires concentration, relax, & smooth breathing. 10 Standing Pole Forms instructed.
Purpose: Learn how to maximize & release the power obtained from Standing Pole movements. The practical realization of Standing Pole & Shili.
Purpose: Teach you how to correctly use the power obtained from the fists in Standing Pole movements.
Yi Chuan: Sanshou (1)
Yi Chuan: Push Hand (1) Yi Chuan: Body Exercises (1)
Item code: YQ005
Item code: YQ004 Item code: YQ006
Empty hand combat techniques.
One of the sparring exercises in Yi Chuan. A Practical training of Shili and feet movements and supplement of Sanshou.
A fundamental body exercise enhances your body ability, like agility & balance.
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