Xin Yi Liu He Fist VCD Series
About Performer: Master Ru Bo Li is one of the inheritors of Henan Xinyi Liuhe Fist, student of Master Lu, Rui Fang. He is now the Vice Chairman of Tahe City Wushu Associatioin and a national wushu umpire.
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LiuHe Broadsword (1), about 60 mins
Item code: XYLH01
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A rare short weapon set in Xinyi Liuhe fist; 36 forms; Agile and full of strength.
10 Animals Forms (1), about 60 mins
Item code: XYLH02
XinYi Ba (1), about 60 mins
Item code: XYLH04
Dragon, Tiger, Money, Horse, Rooster, Swallow, Sparrow Hawk, Snake, Bear, & Eagle, 10 forms.
Contains 10 forms that spread out for several hundreds years; emphasize the harmony of body and mind.
Major and Core forms of Xinyi Liuhe fist; Tiaoling, Eagle catch, Chopping hand, & Crossing fist, 4 forms
Four Major Fist (1), 58 mins
Item code: XYLH03
by master Li, Ru Bo
Practical Xinyi Liuhe Fist (1)
Item Code: XYLH05
by master Cao, Zhao Tian
About the performer: Zhao Tian Cao was born in 1932 in Hebei. A famous Xinyi Liuhe Fist master. He was a student of Li, Zhen Biao. He started giving lessons in 70's. He was promoted as the 1st Chairman when Hebei Xinji Chuo Jiao Fanzi, Xinyi Liuhe Fist Research Association was established in the end of 80's.
This VCD is divided into 9 parts:
1. Practical Xinyi Liuhe Fist techniques; 2. Seven Stars Hitting method; 3. Shoulder methods; 4. Elbow methods; 5. Hand & Palm methods; 6. Hip methods; 7. Knee methods; 8. Kickings; 9. Imitating fighting methods. 
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