XingYi (Hsing-I) Bagua DVD Series
with Chinese & English Subtitles
by master Luo, Jin Hua
About the performer: Master Jin Hua Luo passed 7th level evaluation test of Chinese Wushu.  He is a direct disciple of master Guozheng Sha, a Xing Yi & Bagua master.
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54 Forms Tai chi Sword
7 Stars Bagua Linked Palm
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Duration: 52 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 68 Minutes, Single DVD
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Price US$19.99
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Now US$12.99
The shape of the Eight Diagrams Palm is like the dragon, and it moves like a phoenix. It is famous in the martial arts field for its beautiful moving routine and unique effects on health keeping. The three keys of it are turning the weak to the strong, avoiding the hard and following the slight, and being smart to win.

The Successive Seven Star and Bagua Palm moves in the traditional routine. With ingenious skills, it can both attack and defense, near by or far away. The fist is consists of kicking, beating, throwing down, and resisting. This movement is beneficial both to internal and external practice. It can keep us healthy, and can be used in real fighting. It combines the effects of fighting, health keeping, and performing together, it is also a very good movements for keep health.
The posture of Tai Chi Sword is stetch, stable, and smooth. It is stable but also nimble. It is slow but not dull. The posture is like a swinging dragon. And it is like the moving cloud and flowing water. It turns in circle. It is natural and continuous. The content of the routine is rich. The sword techniques are very clear. It distinguishes the moving from stable. It turns nimble. It is soft and smooth. There are kinds of sword techniques. For example, chip, stab, sweep, pull, snap, cloud, smear, cut, intercept, cut, draw, hang, block, lift, hold, thread though, push, etc... the sword techniques are corresponding to the hand, eye, body techniques, and stance. The consciousness, appearance, and force are harmony, It combines the body and sword into one. It combines the consciousness and sword into one.
Tai Chi Sparring Exercises Double Fish Knifes (Deer Horn Knifes)
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Duration: 55 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 54 Minutes, Single DVD
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Price US$19.99
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Now US$12.99
The double-fishes sword has the shape like fish, bearing the Yin Yang fish in the bagua picture, so it is named double fishes sword. IT belongs to the short weapon in bagua. It is also called Ziwu mandarin duck sword, the arched sword and the antler sword. The double fishes sword has four shape tips and nine blades. It is small and exquisite. It is a short weapon that can be used as long one. It features as light, smart, flexible, changeable, and switched. It is smart and swift. The body gestures are lightning. It moves very fast. The body and sword integrate together, and it moves with the waist. When getting forwards, it moves and gets away at once. Passing through, sticking into, and twining. It moves like dragon, split and sweep both vertically and horizontally. It is as fast as a shooting star. The double fishes movement practices the body gestures. The switch between attack and defence is better to be smart and fast. It has contained the following skills: hooking, hanging, cutting, and wiping; pricking and shoveling; splitting, sweeping, and stirring; clould, pushing, and holding; stretching, sticking, and covering; resisting, twining and locking; blocking, leading, and pulling etc....
There are nearly on hundred attacking and protecting techniques of Taijiquan. It presents 13 Tai Chi postures, Seven Fists, The Five Legs, kick, beat, throw, eliminate are soft attacking techniques. Step back and forth, escape and stretch. Turn the body up and down. The techniques are surprise. The force is changeable. It sticks but follows. Neither throw nor block. Step by step. It is continuous. The posture is stretch. Run it in circle. The stance is stable but the body is nimble. The consciousness goes along with the action. Qi matches the force. It is an advanced taiji exercise.
The Stylistic Fist and Loose Shell
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Duration: 59 Minutes, Single DVD
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The Stylistic Fist and Loose Shell (XingYi Sanshou Cannon) is developed from the stylistic fist. It clearly reflects the attacking and defending skills of the stylistic 5 Elements Fist, the 12 ways of stylistic motions, the stylistic 8 Word movments. The stylistic fist is beneficial both to internal and external practice. It can keep us healthy, and can be used in real fighting. The skills of this fist are ingenious, and with the integrated stable power, its movements are solemn and dignified. With reasonable attacks and defenses, as well as the tight fist movements, the fighting practices between two people are varied. The skills are changeable, the steps are strong and vigorous, the body is smart, and the hand skills are swift. This movement is strong and stately, iwth well coordination. All these reflect the martial arts images of the hands, eyes, body, spirit, and courage in the stylistic fist.
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NTSC, Viewable for all Zones
Subtitles: Chinese and English