XingYi (Hsing-I) Bagua DVD Series
with Chinese & English Subtitles
by master Luo, Jin Hua
About the performer: Master Jin Hua Luo passed 7th level evaluation test of Chinese Wushu.  He is a direct disciple of master Guozheng Sha, a Xing Yi & Bagua master.
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Xing Yi Bagua (Eight Diagrams) Palm
XingYi 8 Forms & Mixed Forms Hammer Fist
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Duration: 58 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 48 Minutes, Single DVD
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Price US$19.99
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Now US$14.99
The traditional routine of XingYi Mixture is formed on the basis of 5-Element Boxing (WuXing Quan) and 12 Animals Boxing.  It combines the inner and outter energy.  Exercising techniques on attacking and defending.  It clarifies the emptiness and the solidness.  Hardness and softness mix together with undulation and smartness.  It can absorb any advantage as its own in any conditions.  If you can master its techniques, you can improve your Kung Fu and master the essential of XingYi Quan.

XingYi 8-Form Boxing is good for practicing both body building and health purposes.  The forms are gradeur and elegant, with condensed and pure technique, complete force, spirit.  Qi, mind, force, hands, eyes body and steps.  With emptiness and solidness , you can use it for attack and defense.
BaguaZheng (8-Diagrams Palm) can be described as the swimming dragon and flying phoenix, which is famous around Wulin for it's beautiful technique of Quan and the exercising function.  The method of KungFu is to change the weakness into a force, ward off the solid and beat the emptiness, win with flexibility.  8-Diagrams Palm comes with stable and neat pose and flexible movments.

Jiang-Style 8-Diagrams Palm is soft, smooth and the movements are moderate, easy to learn and practice.  The whole body, arthrosis and muscle will be effectively exercised.  It suitable for man and woman, elder and youths.  It is good for health.  It's also the most popular 8-Diagrams Palm around the world.  It contains 36 forms of the technique of palm and 12 forms of tehcniques of leg which provides the learners of numerous techniques.
Theory and Techniques of XingYi XingYi 12 Animals Fist
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Item Code: XYD015
Duration: 54 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 61 Minutes, Single DVD
Price US$19.99
Price US$19.99
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Now US$14.99
XingYi Quan is good for practcing internal and external energy.  The forms are gradeur and elegant, with condensed and pure techniques, complete force, spirit and shape, fast and agile movements.  It excises on moving simultaneously with spirit, Qi, mind, force, hands, eyes, body and steps.  With emptiness and solidness, you can use it for attack and defense.

By practicing XingYi Quan, you stimulate the circulation of blood with Qi and accelerate metabolism.  It also helps you to lighten the burden of the heart and digesting system.  By practicing this regularly, it helps to prevent diseases, increase body energy and promotes clear mind.
12-Style Boxing is an important routine in XingYi Quan, which makes use of the characters and images of 12 animals.  Like soaring vertically and horizontally of dragon, majestic violent imposing manner of tiger, agility of monkey, facility of swallow, celerity and pugnacity of cock, fierceness and brutality of eagle and sparrow hawk, etc.  Imitate its figure and conjecture its meaning to absorb into the techniques of attacking and defensing.  It's also a favorable method for body building. 
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Specification of the DVDs
NTSC, Viewable for all Zones
Subtitles: Chinese and English