XingYi (Hsing-I) Five-Element DVD Series
Chinese & English Subtitles
by master Di, Guo Yong
About the performer: National first-level wushu arbitrator, president of the XingYi Quan Research Committee of Beijing Wushu Association. One of the best Hsing-I masters in this century.
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Demonstration of XingYi Quan and Its Weapon Routines
XingYi 8 Form Fist
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Duration: 55 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 53 Minutes, Single DVD
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was $19.99, NOW $14.99
Apprciation of XingYi Quan and Weapon Routines consists of many short and practical skills of boxing, sword, broadsword and spear.  There are 12 routines demo in the disc, including:

XingYi 5 Elements Fist; Xing Yi 8 Forms Fist
XingYi 5 Elements Linked Fist; Xing Yi 5 Elements Spear;
XingYi 5 Element Sword; Xing Yi 5 Elements Staff
XingYi 12 Animals Fist; Xing Yi 5 Elements Broadsword
XingYi Mixture Styles Fist (Mixed Hammer Fist)
XingYi 8-Word Skill Linked Fist (Bazi Gong)

Each routine is demonstrated naturally and clearly so that the learners can easily follow.
XingYi 8-Form Boxing is a traditional routine, which is spread very widely in China.  It is dapper with only 17 forms totally.  The whole routine does not only include the entire content of Chop (Pi), Drill (Zuan), Snap (Beng), Connon (Pao) and Crosscut (Heng) in XingYi 5-Element Boxing (XingYi Wuxing Quan), but also adds the movement of horse-style, cock-style, crane-style, tiger vs dragon fights and so on.

Routine exercise should emphasize on the force applying of 8-Foms; the bodywork of backing before advancing; to right before to left; saving before applying; the fullness, firmness and integrity of strength applying.
XingYi 5 Elements Fists
XingYi 12 Animals Fist
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Duration: 61 Minutes, Single DVD
Length: 66 Minutes, Single DVD
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was $19.99, NOW $14.99
XingYi 12-Style Boxing is composed of 12 basic fist techniques which form by by absorbing the advantages and features of dragon, riger, monkey, horse, alligator, cock, swallow, sparrow hawk, snake, Chinese ostrich, eagle and bear.  Applying the principle of practicality of skillful attack and the method of reflecting the meaning by the shape.

12-Style Boxing improved the content of Wuxing Quan (5-Element Boxing).  It similates on the behavior and ability but not the alike shapes.  For examples, dragon has its way of searching bones, tiger has its valor of preying on food, monkey has its agility of jumping among mountains, horse has its strength of bumping hoffs, elligator has its skills of swimming in water, cock has its gestation of struggle, swallow has its singularity of skimming over the water, sparrow hawk has its art of turning about, snake has its ability of plucking grass, Chinese ostrich has its vigor of erecting its tail, eagle has ability to hunt, bear has its power of shaking its shoulders.
The 5-Element Fist (Wuxing Quan) is also called the Mother of XingYi Boxing.  It has the most basic fist techniques.  It includes chip fist (Pi Quan), Drill First (Zuan Quan), Snap Fist (Beng Quan), Cannon Fist (Pao Quan) and Crosscut Fist (Heng Quan). The 5-Element Boxing is named according to the 5-Elements theory in the Chinese tradition.  Previous masters combined fist forms with 5-Element theory and simplified them to form the 5 boxing forms.  They combine body and Chinese medicine theory to define the boxing techniques of attacking and defending.

The 5-Element Linked Fist (Wuxing Lianhuan Quan), a classic routine after 5-Element Boxing has become popular.  Although there are slightly differences from region to region, they still commonly share the same features.
XingYi Mixture Styles Boxing (Hammer Fist)
XingYi 8-Word Skill (Bazi Gong)
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Duration: 70 Minutes
Duration: 57 Minutes
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was $19.99, NOW $14.99
8-Word Skill is named after the 8 words of spread, intersect, wrap, stride, flick, push (against), cloud and lead.  The principal of XingYi Quan is focused on application after learning.  8-word skill is practical boxing with real application. Every word of it that is made up of particular movements.  It has their own exercise methods, skills and usages.  They can be exercised respectively or jointly.  The latter one is called 8-Word Skill Linked Boxing.
XingYi Hammer Fist is a folk's routine which form on the basis of 5-Element Boxing (Wuxing Quan) and 12-Style Boxing and additional skills. It has rich movement and skill set, outstanding style and features, long series and popularity. In the old boxing pedigree, XingYi Mixture Styles Boxing is regarded as union of styles and fist, & united boxing" and "essence of 12-style boxing.
XingYi 5 Elements Spear
XingYi 5-Element Sword
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Duration: 67 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 67 Minutes, Single DVD
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XingYi 5-Element Sword has the 5 kinds of sword techniques which derived and simplified from various kinds of XingYi Quan sword techniques.  It can reflect the style and characteristics of XingYi the most.  Also, it summarizes them on principles of concision and practicality on the mode of Chop (Pi), Snap (Beng), Drill (Zuan), Cannon (Pao) and Crosscut (Heng) in 5-Element Boxing (Wuxing Quan).

Movements of 5-Element Sword are simple and unsophisticated, concise, practical and they emphasize on the strength and the skills.  It composes of footwork techniques, power application and bodywork of XingYi Quan according to the theory of XingYi Quan and the characteristics of sword techniques.  All the movements are exercised individually. Sword techniques of every XingYi is divided into the right and the left.  It can be exercised right and left without any deviation and revocation.

Linked Sword is a dapper routine which compiled on the basis of 5-Element Sword, according to the routes of 5-Element Linked Boxing and in combination of the characteristics of sword techniques.  It is spread much widely in the folk tradition and favored by people.
XingYi 5-Element Spear is formed by predecessors of XingYi Quan who integrated schools of spear skills. It is the essence of the mode of Pi, Zuan, Beng, Pao, Heng of 5-Element Boxing (Wuxing Quan). It is characterized by body and weapon integration, prominence to the whole strength, emphasis on power.

The Linked Spear is a dapper traditional routine, which is connected according to routes of Linked Boxing and in combination of the features of spears.  In the whole series, moves are consistent, spear techniques are clear, skills are swift and fierce and mindful.  All of these entirely reflect the whole strength of driving arms by waist, coping with the spear by arms, uniting of body and weapon.  The exercise of XingYi Spear helps to improve our strength and endurance, boxing and self-defense skills.
XingYi 5 Elements Broadsword
XingYi 5 Elements Staff
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Duration: 55 Minutes, Single DVD
Duration: 56 Minutes, Single DVD
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was $19.99, NOW $14.99
XingYi 5-Element Broadsword is formed by predecessors of XingYi Quan who integrated schools of braodsword skills.  The broadword skills are concluded, practiced and summarized on the priciples of concision and practicality and on the mode of Chop (Pi), Snap (Beng), Drill (Zuan), Cannon (Pao) and Crosscut (Heng) in 5-Element Boxing (Wuxing Quan).

The characteristics of 5-Element Braodsword are: concise methods, prominent strength, swiftness and valour, practical skillful attack. Interlink broadsword is a traditional series in the country.It has rich content, strict structure, leverage techniques, fierce letting off of strenth, virile vigor, all which entirely show the style and characteristics of XingYi school.
The movements of 5-Element Staff are concise, therefore it is easy to learn and play. Its skills are clear and explicit, the ability of skillfull attack is strong. 5-Element staff which has no jazzy forms and techniques, but pays great attention to the whole strength, body strength and work strength. When exercising 5-Element staff, put the body to the main position, the waist strength to the upper position and the whole body strength to the best.

The 5-Element Staff position is also named after the names of chop, drill, snap, cannon, crosscut in 5-Element Boxing. 5-Element Linked Staff is a traditional routine after 5-Element Staff, which is spread much widely. The whole routine of move is dapper.
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