Sa Guo Zheng's Hsing-I Bagua Series
by master Luo, Jing Hua
About the performer: Master Jing Hua Luo was deceased Sa Guo Zheng's inheritor and passed 7th grade level national wushu evaluation.
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Hsing-I Sanshou Cannon Fist
& Sparring Exercises (1)
Taiji Sparring Exercises (1)
7 Star Bagua Linked Palm (1)
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This program includes about 100 usage of Taiji skills. It presents Taiji 13 Si, 7 fists, 5 legs, kicking, hitting, throwing, & solving softerned attacking skills. Footworks are agile. It enchanes agility, strength, & reation.
An excellent bagua routine includes skills of throwing, kicking, & solving. Hard & soft forces. Varied & changable attacking & defending skills.
An advanced Hsing-I routine. It includes the attacking & defending skills of 5 Elements Fist, 12 Animals Forms, & 8 Words Gong. This routine with sparring exercies enhances your agility of your body, strength of forces, & reactions.
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Taiji Sword 54 Forms (1)
Twin Fish Knifes (1)
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This sword play is smooth, stable, soft, agile, & clear. Major sword skills are Pi, Ci Sao, Liao, Dian, Ben, Yuan, Mou, Zhan, Jie, Dai, Gua, Lian, Ti, Tuo, Chun, & Bo. Sword movements are in harmony with hand, eyes, body, footwork, mind, spirit, & forces. It is called Body & sword in one; Spirit & sword in one.
This pair of weapons also named as Deer Horn Knifes or Mandarin Duck Knifes. Each of the knife has 4 point tips & 9 blades. Small & Handy. Agile movements accompanied with varied skills. Fast attacking & defending skills. 32 major skills are Gou, Gua, Qiao, Mou, Za, Ci, Chan, Ge, Pi, Zhan, Sao, Liao, Yuan, Pian, Tui, Tuo, Tan, Cha, Yong, Gai, Jia, Ge, Chan, Suo, Feng, Bi, Lian, Jie, Lin, Dai, Chun, Bo.
Hsing-I 8 Forms &
Mixed Forms Hammer Fist (1)
Hsing-I 12 Animals Forms (1)
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12 Animals Form is a major form in Hsing-I Chuan. It imitates the movements of 12 different kinds of animals. Different animal forms contribute different unique techniques.
Mixed Forms Hammer Fist is the mixture of Hsing-I 5 Elements Fist & 12 Animals Fist. It condense the essences from both routines. It helps pushing your Hsing-I techniques to next level. 8 Forms is the basic Hsing-I form. Simple & full of forces.
Concepts & Methods in Hsing-I Chuan (1) Jiang style Bagua Palm (1)
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Hsing-I Chuan use qi to accelerate blood circulation. It strengthen functionality of internal organs. To correctly practise Hsing-I, practicers have to build solid basic methods & understand its fundamental concepts. Correctly apply the concepts is important to all practicers.
Jiang style Bagua is smooth, soft, easy to learn. It contains 36 palm methods which includes 72 hidden leg methods. Solid forms with agile circling movements.
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