Shangxi Traditional Hsing-I Chuan Series
by master Zhang, Xi Gui
one of 100 foremost wushu master in China
Hun Yuan Sanshou Fist
Fighting Techniques (1)
Hun Yuan Hsing-I Fighting Techniques (1)
Hun Yuan Sanshou Fist (1)
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This routine has 48 movements in 5 sections. It covers the major skills of 5 Elements Fist & 12 Animals Form. It is an excellent integrated training & competition routine.
Hun Yuan Sanshou Fist contains kicking, hitting, throwing, garsping etc... single & combination attacking technqiues. It has 50+ different style Hsing-I essential movments and over 30 combination of those movements.
This program showed the usage of Hun Yuan Sanshou Fist. It also contains combination movments of Shaolin, Long fist, Short fist, Tonbei, Fanzi, Praying Mantis, & other Hsing-I skills. An integrated sanshou program.
Ba Fan Hand Fighting Techniques (1)
Mixed Hammer Fist Fighting Techniques (1)
Linked Fist Fighting Techniques (1)
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Linked Fist is a major routine in Hsing-I fist. 5 Elements Fist is its fundamentals. Tight & close structure with solid forces. Forms are like rings without end and like linked rings, all connected. It was told that General Yue Fei (Song Dynasty) taught this form to his soliders to increase their fighting abilities. Simple, practical, & easy-to-learn. Its major skills are kick, hit, throw, grab, bind, & cast. Ba Fan Hand has 3 sections. Each section has 8 road. Left & right, each has 8 road, so it is called Ba (8) Fan (Roll) Hand.
Mixed Hammer Fist is the combination form different Hsing-I forms. Movements are large & agile. Smooth forms with varied & complex contents. Entire routine has 5 sections.
Phoenix 4 Forms (1)
Advanced Competition Routine (1)
Intermediate Competition Routine (1)
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It is an traditional routine in Hsing-I Chuan. It imitates 4 major movements (single leg standing, accurate pecking, wings flipping, & fighting) of roosters, so it was named as Phoenix 4 Forms. Close structure, skillful forces, & lifelike imitations. A simple & short practical fist routine. This routine has 6 sections, 68 movements. Rich content & well-organized structure. It basically contains most traditional Hsing-I hand methods, leg methods, footwork, jumping, & turning. It covers major characteristics of different family style Hsing-I. An integrated Hsing-I routine.
This routine has 6 sections, 48 movements. Rich content & smooth movements. It has single movments & combination movements It covers most of the contents of 5 Elements fist, 12 Animals forms, Jin Tui, Phoenix 4 Forms, & Mixed Forms Hammer Fist. An excellent Hsing-I routine.
Competition Rules of Wushu Push Hand
5th, 8th Chapter & Samples (1)
Hsing-I Whip Stick Applications (1)
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Whip stick is a short weapon. It is a common weapon in ShanXi & North-eastern region. Its length is about 1.2 meter (4 feet). Handle & tip are all used in movements. It contains the characteristics of short & long weapon. Use opponents' forces as own forces. Free & agile movements.
These rules was introduced by master Zhang Xi Gui and demonstrated by master Wu Shi Jun nad Liu Jun. It emphasizes prohibited area of attacking & scoring standard. A useful tool for training to be a wushu judge.
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