Dai Family Hsing-I Chuan Series
by master Xiao, Jia Ping
About the performer: Master Jia Ping Xiao is the Vice President of ShenYang City Wushu Association. He passed 6th level wushu evaluation examination. He is also a 1st grade national wushu judge.
5 Elements Linked Fist Sparring Exercises (1)
5 Elements Jin Tui
(Advance & Retreat) Linked Fist (1)
5 Elements Fist (1)
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This routine is the fundamental fist routine in Dai family Hsing-I Quan. It consists of 5 different fists: Pi Fist, Ben Fist, Zhan Fist, Cannon Fist, & Hen Fist. It is the fundamental of the entire Hsing-I routines
It is an integrated routine of 5 basic fist forms (Pi, Ben, Zhan, Cannon, & Hen fist) in Dai family Hsing-I. Entire routine has 12 sets of movements. On footwork, keep body low while advancing, keep body high while retreating. Ben fist is the major hitting method. It is an intermediate fist routine.
This sparring exercise features free & agile  movements on advance & retreat. Pi, Ben, Zhan, Cannon, & Hen fist are all well-linked & arranged. This is the fundamental sparring exercises in Dai family Hsing-I Quan.
Hsing-I Linked Leg 49 Forms (1)
Hsing-I Linked Fist: 81 Forms (1)
An Sheng Pao
(Cannon Fist) Sparring (1)
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It is an integrated leg form with skills of Northern style ChuoJia Fanzi Fist. It features furtive leg attacking skills. Well-linked and organized. Unique leg skills that other Hsing-I does not have.
Hsing-I Linked Fist was a representable Hsing-I routine built on experience & effort of several generations of Hsing-I masters. It has 81 forms. It is an integrated form of 5 elements link fist, phoenix 4 forms, monkey form, swallow form, Yau form, & mixed form hammer fist. Smooth & well-organized. It is an advanced routine in Dai family Hsing-I.
This routine features varied offensive hand methods. It is the applications of 12 Animals form, e.g. monkey grap, Ben fist, & Liao Yin Palm. Movements are agile, small, & fast. It is an advanced sparring routine in Dai family Hsing-I.
5 Elements Linked Spear (1)
5 Elements Linked Broadsword (1)
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This spear play is simple, practical, & easy to learn. It belongs to the category of Big Spear, different from Hua Spear. Major skills are Lian, Na, Jia, suppliment with Ben Spear, Pointing, & Pi Spear. Forces of entire body are used to perform this powerful spear routine.
A basic weapon routine in Dai family Hsing-I. Its major skills are Ben, Pi, Liao, & Mo. Entire routine has 18 sets of movement. Advance & retreat movements freely.
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