Shang Style Hsing-I Chuan VCD Series
by master Li, Hong
About Performer: Master Hong Li is 2nd generation inheritor of Shang style Hsing-I Chuan. He passed 7th level grading examination and being a national wushu coach.
About the form: Shang style Hsing-I Chuan was created by master Shang, Yun Xiang. Master Li, Wen Bin, one among ten most famous wushu masters, was sole student of master Shang, Yun Xiang. He passed what he learned from master Shang, Yun Xiang to his son, Li, Hong. This VCD series is one of the most important Hsing-I series Hsing-I practisers need to collect.
New Item !!
New Item !!
Applications of 12 Animals Forms (1)
Practical Self Defense 36 Skills (1)
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Item Code: XY104
It shows the fighting techniques & skills of Shang style Hsing-I 12 animal forms in detail. Through this program, player can understand the form & its internal meaning much better.
It came to Li Hong's attention that most white collar are lack of exercises. They became the target of robbers. This program is designed particularly for office workers. It included 36 useful self-defense skills, created based on common robbery situation..
5 Elements Mutually Subdued
Hammer Fist Sparring Exercise (1)
Mixed Form Hammer Fist (1) General Sparring (1)
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Item Code: XY015
Item Code: XY017
In the program, the way forces being issued shows the complete characteristics of 12 animals forms. It has significant values on the its flexiable & changable routines and force-issuing of particular body parts. This practising exercise is based on traditional Hsing-I routines integrating with additional new movements. It significantly shows the characteristics of Hsing-I Chuan: "Aggressive hit & advance".
Pi (Cut), Zang, Ben, Bao(Cannon), Heng (Cross) are the 5 forces mutually subdued with 5 elements (metal, water, wood, fire, earth). Movements look simple but with deep meaning. Trains senses of attack & defense, harmony of hand, footwork, & body movements.
An Sheng Pao
(Cannon Fist) Sparring (1)
Hsing-I Six Harmony Fist
8 Forms Fist (1)
Hsing-I 12 Hong Chui
(Hammer Fist) (1)
Item Code: XY020
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Item Code: XY019
A wide-spread traditional Hsing-i routine. Requiring body harmony in issuing power at "shang (upper) step, advance step, yao step, & retreat step". Forces reflect their side of soft and hard, fast and slow. It is good for training body consistences, senses of power and senses of attack & defense.
Six harmoney fist features using lower arms as axe performing Cutting Palm (the true Cutting Palm) which is said as "like axe and belongs to metal". 8 Forms Fist featuring "power issuing in all movements, strong & agile". Small & close movements. Plenty of changable hand and body movements.
"Hammer Fist" means entire form using fist instead of mixing palm. This form is an advanced form in the series.
Hsing-I Sword Sparring (1)
Hsing-I Linked Broadsword (1) Hsing-I Linked Sword (1)
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Item Code: XY022
Item Code: XY023
Sword Sparring was created by master Li, Wen Bin. It features "Aggressive hit and advance" & special forces in Hsing-I Chuan. Two swords cannot hit each other. It requires strong fundamental foundations. "3 Chase" forces which is the forces from waist and utilizes in all Hsing-I fists and weapon forms. Broadsword form uses arm to lead the hit, not using regular straight arm hit. The techniques and the way of issuing power in Hsing-I Chuan is different from other style of sword forms. Practicers have to know how to pass the forces from your hand to the sword correctly. The sword should act like an extension of your arm thus it can be played freely.
Hsing-I Linked Staff (1)
Hsing-I Linked Spear (1)
Item Code: XY024 Item Code: XY025
In most staff forms, forces are concentrated at the top of the staff. Hsing-I staff like other Hsing-I forms featuring "3 Chase". Waist is the origins of all forces and power. Utilizing small, close, flexible, firm, and fast movements of staff in result of serve damage to internal organs rather than external hurts to your opponents.
Waist force is origin of all forces in Hsing-I Spear. Plenty of up and down movements. Hands are holding in front and back position on the spear mutually spported and assisted. "LanNaZa" in most spear forms has significant differences from "BenKoZa" in Hsing-I Spear.
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