Xiao Yau Fist VCD Series
by master Duan, Hong Wei
About the performer: Master Hong Wei Duan is the chairman of Xiao Yao Men Wushu Association and 12th generation inheritor and head leader of Xian Yao Men.
Xiao Yao Gong Li Fist (1) Xiao Yao Mian Yi Palm (1)
Demonstration of Xiao Yao Fist & Its Weapon Routines (1)
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This integrated form of outer forces & internal forces. A self-defense routine. It trains different parts of body and help practicers to co-ordinate "3 treasures" (Stamina, Qi, Spirit) together.
An internal exercise in Xiao Yao Men wushu. It tied up with deep Chinese medicine theories. Movements are smooth and clear. It has special mind calming and health preserving effect.
Xiao Yao Men Wushu is a traditional martial arts containing strong Chinese philosophy theories. It considered both medical & physical systems. Even it is old, it still has its practical value. Health-preserving, self-defense, combat skills, beauty, entertainment all in one.
Xiao Yao Fei Kong Palm (1)
Xiao Yao Fong Mor Palm (1)
Xiao Yao Jing (1)
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It is one of the most important palm routine in Xiao Yao Men. Movements are co-ordinated & balanced with every single part of the body & forces. They are like waves in the sea, one after one, endlessly. It shows the characteristics of Xiao Yao Men Wushu. This routine contains both softness & hardness. Emphasizes the integration of outer movements & internal forces. Part of the routine can be use in combat. With appropriate breathing method, it could fully used the integration of Stamina, Qi, & Spirit.
This internal exercises helps balancing and co-ordinating internal organs, body, & meridians to lead spirit, stamina, & qi become one. It follows the rule of "things are mutually restrain & reinforce" and use natural environment to interact with practicers' physical body to increase cells renewing speed.
Xiao Yao Xi Chen Gong
(Health Preserving Exercises) (1)
Xiao Yao Tian Long (Dragon) Sword (1) Xiao Yao Broadsword (1)
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Item Code: XYF07
A varied, clear, fast broadsword routine containing different force issuing methods. Pi, Kan, Liao, Sao, these broadsword methods integrated with hand, eyes, body, & footwork contribute the special characteristics of this routine. It trains different parts of the body & reinforce immune system.
Tian Long Sword is one of the sword routine in Xiao Yao Men. Entire routine is agile & varied; Softness within hardness. Major movements are: Pi, Dian, Liao, Mo, Sao, Jia, Suo.
A internal exercises with high curing & cleaning effect. It helps cleaning harmful things in your body & reinforce immune system, especially for heart, stomach, nerve, bones, kidney.  
Xiao Yao Staff (1)
Xiao Yao Cane (1)
Item Code: XYF10
Item Code: XYF11
A major weapon routine in Xiao Yao Men wushu. Major movements are Pi, Dian, Ben, Liao, Zha,? & Sao... etc. It helps approving self-defense skills.
This routine not only has its health-preserving effect, but also a good self defense routine. It suits for all ages of people to practise it. Its major movements are Dian, Bo, Liao, Ci, Pi, & Sao.
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