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Xi (Western) Staff/Stick & North-Western Region Kungfu VCD Series
Fei Xian Tiao Zhi Staff (1)
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Jing (Advance) Shan (Mt.) Staff (1)
Mo Chi (Flag) Staff (1)
Ke Zhi Staff (3)
Luan (Messy) 9 Square
Chuan Zhi Staff (1)
Tian Qi Staff (1)
Demonstration of North-Western Kungfu & Its Weapons Routines (3)
Da Lian Jia Staff (1)
Lian Jia Stick (1)
Tian Shui Pai Zhi Staff (1)
Double Lian Jia Stick (1)
Traditional Baji Fist (1)
Xiao Yau Step 9 Square Staff (1)
Qiao Liang Short Staff (1)
Short Staff: 5 Yin 7 Hands
13 Methods (1)
by master Li, Shenlin/ Cai, Zhi Zhong/ Gou, Yan Jie/ Zhang, Fei Peng/ Li, Hui Xia/ Zhou, Jian Rui/ Zhao, Min/ Li, Ru Lin/ Guo Wang Wang
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Shenlin
by Gou, Yan Jie
by Cai, Zhi Zhong
by Zhang, Fei Peng
by Li, Hui Xia
by Zhou, Jian Rui
by Zhou, Jian Rui
by Zhao, Min
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Ru Lin
by Guo, Wang Wang
by Guo, Wang Wang
About the performers: Wang Wang Guo passed 6th grade wushu evaluation test, Vice President of GangGu Wushu Association, Vice President of Jiangwei Guli Wushu Association, President of Jianwei Guli Wushu Research Association; Shen Lin Li is Chairman of Tianshui Wushu Association, President of Tiashui Wushu School, Senior Professor of Tianshui Sports University; Zhou, Jian Rui is a committee for city wushu association, national wushu coach. 
A traditional short weapon. A family routine from An family in Gansu Province. Fast & powerful. Wisely use both ends of the stick. Good for close combat. Very practical in attacking.
A traditional Long Weapon. Another routine from An family in Gansu Province. Since it is a family routine, only a few people konw the form. Staff moving in circles within circles. It contains characteristics of spear. Fast & powerful. A practical attacking routine.
Its 6 most important "DinZhou" techniques are: "YinMen DinZhou", "GeDa DinZhou", "TouSao DinZhou", "BaoDa DinZhou", "DaoDa DinZhou" & "WaiMen DinZhou"; There are 8 major forms (Yellow eagle claw, Tontian cannon fist, CaoYang Hand, Hard open gate....) & 5 major footworks. Some people call this routine "Kungfu Fist".
Tiao Zhi staff is longer than common staff, usually 1 foot longer. It contains the characteristics of spear & staff. This routine, WuXiong Li, father of Shenlin Li, was personally taught by old master YanBiao Ma, who was a famous wushu master in LongShang.?
These 3 VCD shows the characteristics of Western staff & North-western regional kungfu. Completely shows its attacking potiental & ability.
A routine that requires training in both long pole &  short staff techniques. Training in two persons can train practicers the sense of feeling forces & footworks.
Lian Jia is a nunchakus like weapon, two-section stick linked with a chain. Consider a "soft" weapon. Handy & suitable for all age. It helps practicers in balancing the body and developing faster reaction. A piece of art.
It is also called as "XiaoZhi Staff". A special weapon routine in Western staff. It was developed from the tool that used to hit wheat. Movements are well-organized, wide open. Use most in wushu competition.
A two-section stick routine that mainly practise in Tianshou region. It has strong regional characteristics. Major stick techniques are Lu, Pi, Da, Sao, Chan, Liao, Wuhua associating with footwork & foot forms.
This routine is moved in Yin Yang Bagua, 9 square. Steps lead the staff & the staff leads body movements. Winding & turning methods asts like stringing up pearls, so it is called "Chuan Zhi". Its irregular footworks and staff movements is its specialty.
It was created by Hong Ji Zhang, Guoqi An, & 4 brothers in Ma's Family in 60's. It was first played in national wushu competition in 1984 & won master Fei Peng Zhang the staff champion. Every movement contains sense of attack & defense. A practical routine.
This routine is based on 55 Wei Staff as its funadamental routine structure. With the characteristics of spear. The name is after a classic in Qin dynasty. It contains most of the essense movements of staff.
These staff methods were created by 4 brothers in Ma's Family, who were grand masters in 60's. It contains different combination of different single stick movements.
A traditional staff routine. In the content and format, like other traditional routines, mostly focus on the practical side of a routine rather than the presentation of the movements. This routine has both techniques on using both side (top &/or bottom) of a stick. It also teach you how to use such a long pole to attack a& defense in a close range combat.
Most movement are open & wide. For long range attack, it uses only one end of the staff to attack, but in close range attack & defense, it uses both ends to attack & defense. Fast footworks & movements. An overbearing staff routine.