Xi (Western) Staff/Stick & North-Western Region Kungfu VCD Series
White Eyebrow Long Staff (1)
Chan Hai Short Staff (1)
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by Master Li, Shenlin/ Zhao, Lianzhi/ Wang, Zeng Fu/ Wang Jun Zhao/
Guo, Wang Wang/ Guo, Shi Guo/ Bao Kang Zhong
White Eyebrow Long Staff is a routine with both spear & long staff characteristics. Fast, Agile footwork. Postures give pressures to opponents  Internal force is generated from and travel within meridains. Smoothness of the movements generates the force on staff. Integrating the internal force and smooth movements is important.  
Practising Chan Hai Short staff requires temper force with mercy, especially using forces. Foot steps follow the Bagua & Nine Sqaure Graph (Jo Gong Tu). Movements of the short staff are in Taiji Yin Yang circles. Staff movements and forces should follow the interanl forces to draw circles.
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5 Tiger Broadsword (1)
Iron Gate Winding Stick (1)
Fan Ba (Holding) Spear (1)
Yau Zhi Sou Lin Staff (1)
Tiger-taming Staff (1)
Yellow Dragon Tiao Zhi Staff (1)
9 Sections Stick (1)
Jiang Wei Yellow Dragon Spear (1)
Ma Shou Pai Zhi Fist (1)
Cui Ba Fan (1)
by Li, Shenlin
A close range combat routine originated from Hebei province. It was taught broadly in 40's in northern China by 4 grand Ma's family masters. Now it is demonstrated by master Shenlin Li. It features fast, short, hard empty hand forms. Sudden force and agile footwork can obviously been seen.
A spear routine that spreadout broadly in TianShu region. Its basic form is "Zhi Pin" (4 flat) spear. Aggressive. Three points in a line is the fundamental of the form. It means "nose, spear head, & feet" in a line. Using waist to issue forces. Spear holding methods is unique among different spear routines. The spear itself is longer than reqular spear which creates advantages in attacks.
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Shenlin
Zhan Zhuang Fan (1)
by Li, Shenlin
by Li, Shenlin
Another close range combat fist routine originated from Hebei province. It was taught broadly in 40's in northern China by 4 grand Ma's family masters. It features fast, short, hard empty hand forms. Sudden force and agile footwork can obviously been seen. Upper body featuring "Ar Mian Fist"; Lower body featuring "Kilin Step".
5 Tiger broadsword is a unique broadsword with a longer handle. Two hands are used is the specialty of this routine. Fierce and fast show the characteristics of Western Region kungfu. Kilin step is the basic footwork of the routine. It suits for single practice and also sparring.
Qian Kun Tiao Zhi Staff (1)
by Wang, Zeng Fu
by Zhao, Lian Zhi
by Zhao, Lian Zhi
Winding stick emphasis internal strength. Forces are originated from feet then issue through waist reaching the top of the stick. Left & right hand in controlling the stick is interchangable. A widely practice routine in Tianshou, PinLeung region.
About the performers: Shenlin Li is Chairman of Tianshu Wushu Association, President of Tianshu Wushu School, Senior Professor of Tianshu Sports University; Lianzhi Zhao is now the committee memeber of Wushan Wushu Association, Chairman of TanGa Wushu Association; Zeng Fu Wang is a private instructor for whom he is called "Magic player of Western Staff"; Jun Zhao Wang is Chairman of Tianshu Fuxi Technology & Culture Association, Committee member of Tianshu Wushu Association, Professor of Tianshu City Wushu Guan; Wang Wang Guo passed 6th grade wushu evaluation test, Vice President of Gangu county Wushu Association, President of JiangWei Guli Wushu Association; Shi Guo Guo is Head Coach of Wushan Guo Family Wushu School, national wushu coach, Committee member of Tianshu Wushu Association; Zhong Bao Kang is chairman of Wushan RouMen Wushu Association, Gangzhu Province 3rd garde wushu judge; Committee member of Tianshu Wushu Association.
A rare pole routine. Only a few people is practising it. Special holding position & holding method (front & rear). Force issuings are mainly Sun force, Zen force, San force, Jian force. Circling from bottom to top is the major pole method. Top to bottom movements are mostly straight line. Top of the pole is the force releasing point
A traditional regional staff routine being practised in Pong Mt. region. Yau Zhi is a fierce & agile bird kind living in the forest. Movements are clear & straight forward, Flexable & interchangable.
This routine was created & taught by Tiazhao master Bo Shan Huang. Major footworks include Lia Shan step, Da Je step, 8 step Diao Zhi, Do Di step, Ran Chi Step, Hie Zhao Zhi, Yua Ya Zhi. It can be practised in both fast and slow motions. An appreciated staff routine.
by Wang, Jun Zhao
by Guo, Wang Wang
by Guo, Shi Gou
7th Son Stick (1)
7th son of General Yang Family saved the king of Song dynasty from war using this routine, so it is named as 7th Son Stick. It contains the characteristic of Yang Family Spear which is an extremely famous & practical spear routine. Forces initates from feet. Powerful counter-attack. Holding method is also its specialty.
A traditional staff routine. Use both ends of staff. It contains the characteristics & techniques of Taio Zhi staff. Its movements like double head heart-shaped spade. Mostly soft movements. Movements are in either square or circle. A close combat staff routine. Most staff is used for long range attack, but not this one.
by Kang, Zhong Bao
by Kang, Zhong Bao
by Li, Shenlin
Entire routine has 9 sections or 9 Dun. It is a powerful staff routine in attacking. Movements are lightning fast & changable. Footworks is "BaMen (8 gates) Tao (surround) JoXing (9 stars)". Two hands changable staff holding methods.
Jiang Wei was a famous general in 3 Kingdoms Period, around 220 AD. He was famous in his talent & spear method. Taoist JunMing Yang learned it & taught it to Kang. Kang is 21st generation inheritor of this special spear routine.
It can be used in single training & sparring. Steps move 4 gates 8 corners, clearly show Pa Kua (8 trigram) 9 squares in footworks. Special hand mehtod & footwork combination: DoDi Step, LiuHe (six harmony) step, Wu Hun (5 sections) step, "King Offering Wine", "Monkey Stealing Peaches", & "Child Warship Buddha".... It contains characteristics of Hua Fist andTonbei Fist.