Wudang Kungfu Series
Wudang Zhaobao Taiji Fan (1)
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Wudang Zhaobao Taiji Fan was created, based on Zhaobao Taijiqquan, by Mr.Sun Wuyi, who was the disciple of 11th generation inheritor master Zhao ZengFu. The form was influenced by master Bagua Gao Yinhe. Entire routine has 61 moves. It is a well-combined form of Zhaobao taijiquan and fan skills. Different age could choose different training postures to practice, low, middle, and high training postures. Easy to learn and practice.
by Wen, Xuanzhen
(12th generation disciple of Innermost Taoist School of Marital Arts)
by Wu, Biqiang
(Direct disciple of Wudang Hong Men)
Tian Gang Fist (1) Hong Men Hand (1)
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With specific steps, actions, movement and concentration of mind. Wudang fistic play is aimed at preserving health and keeping fit. It's well known that Tian Gang Fist is one of the typical representatives of Wudang School. The fistic play is featured  by the unique style of hand and step techniques, by the full concentration on mind and will, also by the skill and strategy with the weak defeating the strong, which is really out of thin air. This close-range hand techniques serve as one of the typical representative Wudang kungfu. It lays more emphasis not only on force and posture, flexibility and applicability, vigor and power, but also on harmony of mind and soul, form and will.
Shi Sword (1)
Xing Sword (1)
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US$7.99, 1 disc
Shi sword also called War sword. It is a representative wudang sword routine. Matching the art of broadsword, it featured holding the sword with both handsl so that the chop and stab movement could be done grandly and powerfully. It is one of the most treasured classic swordplay in Wudang kungfu.
The swordplay of Wudang is one of the best swordplay in all wushu. "Bagua step, Taiji waist" were Its unique style associating with well-balanced body movements and sword methods. At one's will, the sword could play in the elegant manner, which is quick or slow, harmonious and natural. It is one of the most treasured calssic swordplay in Wudan kungfu.
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