Wudang ZhaoBao ChengJia 3 in 1 Taijiquan VCD Series
by master Hou, Zhuan Yun
14th generation inheritor of Wudang ZhaoBao ChengJia 3 in 1 Taijijquan.
Hou ChunXiu's  ZhaoBao Taijiquan (1)
Item Code: ZB011
This form preseved the original skills & movements of traditional Wudang Taijiquan. Same as Wudang Taijiquan, it emphasized on repeating forward & return movemnts.
It has 3 training methods, "Fast Force", "Solid Force", & "Soft Force" methods. "Fast Force" is for morning; "Solid Force" is for noon & afternoon training; " Soft Force" is for evening training. It matches Yin Yang theories in Chinese Medicine & "heaven & human in one" philosophy. A good self-defense & health-preserving exercise.
Taiji Push Hand (1)
Item Code: ZB012
Push Hand also named as Da Shou, Ta Shou, or Hand-Circling. It is a special training & competition method in Taijiquan. It is somtimes used to test one's level of skills. Applictions of essences of the postures & techniques are the basics of push hand. Circling based on Yin Yang theroies. ZhaoBao ChengJia 3 in 1 Taijiquan has 3 levels, Frame (forms), Push Hand, & Sanshou. Push Hand is the 2nd level of the form, the basic application of the forms, the must-learn to the level of Sanshou.
Applications of ZhaoBao Taijiquan (1)
Item Code: ZB013
The "3 in 1" in ZhaoBao ChengJia 3 in 1 Taijiquan means combining "Frame", "Push Hand", & "Sanshou" in one. Movments in "Frame" are the basic of sanshou.
Its basic sanshou skills are extending 2 hands, circling, using circling to keep body stable & balance, subducing opponents to move into your circling range to fully utilize taiji powers.
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