Wudang Song Xi Sec. Series
by master You, Ming Sheng
About the performer: Taoist president Ming Sheng You is orthodox inheritor of Song Xi Sec Kungfu. He was awarded 100 foremost Wudang master and "Earner" is his nickname.
Wudang Fist Exercise (1) Song Xi Close Combat 1st routine:
Six Step Fist (1)
Song Xi Close Combat 2nd routine:
Guang Ming (bright) Fist (1)
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This body exercise includes the skills of sanshou, fist, leg, long fist, & nunchakus (2 Section Stick). It is divided into 3 parts. 1. Wushu Stretching Exercise, 2. Basic Long Fist Exercise, 3. 2-Section Stick Exercise. Their movements are simple & vivid. An excellent exercise for young people.
Six Step Fist is a traditional Wudang internal fist. Earliest record of this routine was in Ming Dynasty (1700 AD). Its movements has no useless form & all forms are well linked. Every movements contains both defending & offensive meanings. It can be practise as a single exercise or sparring exercise. Guang Ming Fist is a traditional Wudang internal fist. It features waiting at one's ease for an exhausted opponent, avoiding superiority & attacking weakness. Most movements are hitting with grabbing skills. Entire routine has 47 forms. It can be practised as a single exercise or a sparring exercise.
Taiji Long Fist (1) Yang Ci (Goose Wing) Fist (1) Song Xi Short Stick (1)
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Its original name is Wen Jin Fist. It is an remarkable close combat routine in Song Xi internal routine. Entire routine has 53 forms. It can be practised in different speed, fast & slow. It can be used in both single practise & sparring exercises.
A traditional internal Wudang routine featuring close combat skills. Forms are simple & clean. Avoiding superiority of opponents & attack opponents' weakness. Two different routines for single practise & sparring training. Simple & easy to access. An excellent routine for beginners. Song Xi Short Stick also called as "Tiger Tail Stick". A traditional internal routine. Every form contains both defending & attacking meanings. It has fierceness of broadsword, convenience of staff, agileness of sword.
Song Xi Bai (White) Hong (Rainbow) Sword (1)
Wudang Whrisk (1)
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Wudang Whrisk is a secret routine. It has vivid movements for performance & it is an excellent health-preserving routine. Footworks are based on bagua; Movments soft like snake. Entire routine has well-organized structure. It only requires small space to practise.
This routine feature "stick & attach" sword skills, different from other sword routine. Critical part of the sword using to hurt opponents is one inch above your hand. The skills of this routine can be used in different things, a stick, a piece of bamboo can all be used with these skills, so it has high self-defense value.
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