Wudang Kungfu VCD Series
by master Yue, Wu
About the performer: Master Wu Yue is 23rd generation inheritor of Wudang Chun Yang Men. He is now Vice-President of Wudang Wushu United Association, Vice-President of Wudang Wushu Association, & President of Wudang Fist Research Association. 
Wudang Fist 18 Forms (1)
Wudang Fist 36 Forms (1)
Wudang Iron Shirt (1)
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A rare internal routine containing the skills of Xiao Yao Palm, Chun Yang Palm, Taiyi 5 Elements Fist, Zi Ran Men, Tai Chi, Wisdom Hammer Fist, 8 Step Dragon Heart Palm, Taihe Palm, & Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan by master Wu Yue. 
This form also named as Wudang 1st Routine 8 Step Linked Palm. It was created by old master Liu, Li Hang & his disciples, Zong Yan Chen. Using softness to oppose hardness. Full of Taoist characteristics. It has 2 sections. They are Chun (Pure) Yang Gong & Jing (Golden) Dan Ground Lying Methods. It was a secret skill that only passed to important disciples orally. This unique skills can help storing qi &  opening up meridians to concentrate qi to protect body.
Natural Hand (1) Mi Zong (Lost Track) Sword (1)
Xin Yi Elbow (1)
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Full name of this routine is Liu (Six) Tong (Road) Xin Yi Elbow. It is an internal routine taught at Wudang Mt. It was first taught to the public 20 years ago.There are 3 major routines: One Word Fist, Xin Yi Elbow, & Natural Hand (Zi Ran Shen Da). It features using elbow to attack. An unique fighting method. It only takes a small place to practise. Full name of this routine is Zi Ran (Natural) Shen (Immortal) Da (Hit). It is an internal routine taught at Wudang Mt. It was first taught to the public 20 years ago. There are 3 major routines: One Word Fist, Xin Yi Elbow, & Natural Hand (Zi Ran Shen Da). An unique fighting method. Continue practising this routine can enhance internal strength. It was said that this routine was created by Ru Dong Bin, one of 8 Immortals while he was practicing moral teaching & cultivating himself in Nan Yan Temple. It has same theroy as Chun Yang Fist. Movements require natural, agile, & are closely-linked. It features circling movements. Mind leading qi; Sword & body in one. A secret Wudang sword routine.
ZhenWu Staff (1)
Swimming Dragon Broadsword (1) Dragon Gate Spear (1)
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This routine also called as Xuan Wu Staff. It is a rare weapon routine used to protect wudang temples. The staff using in this routine usually heavier, longer, & thicker than regular staff. Emphasize the harmony of between mind & external strength. Natural & powerful. It enhance strength of wrists.
It is the sole spear routine secretly taught in Wudang Mt. This routine was almost lost. It contains 13 different methods. It enhanced players' internal & external strengths, especially waist, leg, arrm, & wrist.  This routine is not for self-defense or fighting purpose.
A traditional short weapon routine. It mainly trains circling. Steps are in square format. The weight of Wudang broadsword is slightly heavier than common broadsword used in wushu competition routine. It is an intermediate level routine.
Wudang Sword 27 Forms (1)
8 Step Dragon Heart Palm (1) Zang Shou Fan (1)
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This contemporary sword play was arranged by master Wu Yue himself. He simplifed traditional Wudang sword routines from differect sec, comparing Wudang history, adding his experience & theories to form this routine. It has the characterics & essences of traditional Wudang skills & easy to learn for the public. Good to practise with Wudang Fist 18 forms.
It is an internal close combat techniques in Wudang kungfu. Every movement presents the characteristics of Wudang kungfu: using opponents' forces against opponent, softness against hardness, passive against initiative. An excellent routine to improve self defense skills.
It is an very important & rare internal routine in the series, belongs to Wudang Chun Yang Men. In the past, it was only passed down to one inheritor each generation. Footwork all based on bagua sign, yin & yang sign, Taiji sign, & 5 elements sign, especially Taiji sign. Movements like walking on cloud.
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