Wudang Tai He Men Series
by master Fan, Ke Ping
About the performer: Master Ke Ping Fan is the 13th generation head leader of Wudang Tai He Men.
Wudang Taiji 13 Forms (1)
Wudang 6th Routine Fist Sanshou (1) Rock Ape Fist (1)
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This form was created by Taoist priest KunLun Deng in Ming Dynasty, about 400 years ago. It was evolved from Deng family fist 6th routine with essence of Zhang San Fung Taiji Quan & 30 years experience of Wudang Taiji Quan. A traditional health-preserving & self-defense routine.
It is said that this form was created by Jing, Tai, a folk wushu practicer in Song Dynasty, about 500 years ago, based on experience of fighting with a Ape which knew kungfu well from foreign country. Its major skills are: scurry, jump, hop, grap, & leap. It features using short time to subdue opponents.
This form focuses on usage of Wudang kungfu in combat. Its lightning fast movements with softness-&-hardness-in-one skills are excellent training program for wushu practisers with solid fundamentals of wushu skills. An intermediate to adavaned level routine.
Dragon Fist (1)
Wudang 5 Poison Hand (1)
Wudang 5 Poison Spirit Hand (1)
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Dragon Fist also called as "Training Step Fist". It was created by grand master Liu, Chong Jun, President of Sichuan Warrior Association, about 100 years ago. It was introduced in National Nanjing Wushu School & became a mandatory subject for wushu students. Fast movements are well-arranged & balanced.
This routine also called as "5 Poison Emission Hand" or "5 Poison Active Fine Hand". It contains 5 internal gong. Each internal gong pracitce is asscoiated with usage of 5 Chinese herbs having energy going between acupointsto reach health preserving purpose.
This form was originated from Wudang Mt. in Hubei JunZhou. Basic forms are hitting a branch using hands. It mainly trained hand methods. Movements are well-linked. An internal Wudang kungfu.
Wen Wu 8 Sections &
Health Preserving Gong (1)
Wudang 5 Phoenix Protection Qigong
Golden Bell Qigong (Beginning Level) (1)
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Wen Wu 8 Sections & Xie Nei Dan Health Preserving Exercises were originated at Wudang Mt. in Hubei JungZhou. It is an advaned Wudang internal gong. Well-balanced breathing, internal qi movements, & external movements associating with the theories of 7 stars & taoist "natural" theroy has excellent result in preserving health.
"Jin Zhong Zhao" is the Chinese name of Golden Bell Qigong. It was passed down in Song Dynasty by master Tong Zhou. Toaist priest Kunlun Deng in Ming Dynasty linked up with traditional Wudang kungfu & named it officially "Jin Zhong Zhao". With this protective qigong, player is like having a solid golden bell protecting against opponents' attack.
Wudang 5 Phoenix Protection Qigong
Iron Shirt Qigong (Intermediate Level) (1)
Wudang 5 Phoenix Protection Qigong
Taiyi Immortal Qigong (Advanced Level) (1)
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"Tie Bu Shan" is the Chinese name of Iron Shirt Qigong. With this protective qigong, player is like having iron armor protecting all over entire body against opponents' attack. It was passed down in Song Dynasty by master Tong Zhou and linked up with the essences of traditional Wudang kungfu by taoist priest Kunlun Deng in Ming Dynasty.
It is said that this form was created in Han Dynasty about 1000 years ago. Its original name is "Wu (five) Fong (phoenix) Qi (together) Ming (shout) Gui (torroise) Xi (rest) Su (method). Master Tong Zhou in Song Dynasty learned it from an unknown grand master & passed it down. Taoist priest Kunlun Deng learned it & spent 50 years to well-linked it with traditional Wudang internal gong. It not only has characteristics of protective qigong, but also has curing, health preserving effect.
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