Wudang Xiao style Nei Jia Fist Series
by Master Xiao, Tie Zen
About performer: Master Tie Zen Xiao is Yang style Fu Nei Branch Tai Chi Chuan 5th generation inheritor and Committee of Xiao style Nei Jia Fist Research Association.
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Taiji 30 Push Hand (1)
Taiji 30 Sanshou (1)
Hou Tian (Acquired) Fa (1)
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Push Hand is a traditional health-preserving exercise. It uses the skills in Taiji to do "attaching" movements. In & out, accepting & releasing forces all in short movements.
30 Sanshou can be practised in one person. Most are practical hand methods. With long term training, it is extremely good for body methods, hand methods, & internal force. Some movements like Apes
This routine are mainly hand methods & elbow methods. It has 35 movements. Fierce & hard forces. With long term training, it can greatly increase internal forces of practicers.
Lao Jia (Old Frame) (3)
Da Jia (Big Frame) (3) Xiao Jia (Small Frame) (2)
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A routine showing deep internal forces and strengths. Da Jia is required to train to a certain standard before practising this routine. Play it slowly and steady is important. Play smoothly & breath naturally.
The purpose of this routine is stretching different parts of the body to increase the flowing of qi. Require peaceful mind while practising. Gong Deng Step is the major footworks in the routine.
Xiao Jia emphasizes mind leading forms. Forms are tightly linked, sometimes fast & sometimes slow. Hand methods & footworks fast as lightening. This routine requires steady fundamental skills. It's an intermediate routine.
13 Animals Form (1)
Xiao Jo Tian (Small Nine Sky) (1) Long Fist (1)
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Most movements in this routine are jumping & turning while jumping. It has diverse hand method & agile footworks. It is great in helping practicers to train their balance and flexability.
It is also called 13 Dan Gong. It imitates 13 different animals: lion, snake, monkey, tiger, crane, bear, todds, dragon, phoenix, rooster, cat, & horse. Different forms give you different benefits on your training.
The forms in Taiji Long Fist can be practise seperately. Every movements can be connected differently. It has diverse hand methods which help practicers in training their senses of balance and body harmony.
Wudang Health-preserving Gong (1)
Wudang Tai Chi Sword (1)
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It helps balancing the internal organs, meridains, yin & yang. It also strengthens musles and tendons to provide better body fundamental for further trainings.
This Taiji Sword routine is arranged based on fundamental taiji hand methods and body methods. Sword & body are act as one. Basic sword methods are pi, che, lan, den, dia, ge.... etc.
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