Wudang Advanced Health-preserving Exercises Series
by Chen, Zhi
Health preserving study researcher & practicer
Warm Up Exercises (1)
Tian Pang (2)
Cool Down Exercises (1)
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Wudang warm up exercise is an breathing, qi-leading exercies that established based on body physics, medical theories, & circulation. It increases the oxygen level in the body to enhance result of other exercises. Every wudang form needs to train from qi first, then gong, form & frame are last. This training order is essential.
Tian (sky) Pang (cross-legged) is a representative gong in Wudang. It is soft coupling with balanced yin & yang. It is Chinese style Yoga. Long term practice, it has excellent for health preserving & anti-aging.
An important part of wudang internal gong exercises. No matter one is a gong practicer or fist practicer. This cool down exercise has excellent effect on balancing yin & yang, qi & blood. It consists of Pi Da (self-hitting) method & self-massage method. Its method of massage was called mallow-washing method.
Cervical Vertebra Training Methods (1) Ba Dong Tian (1)
Jiu Dong Tian (1)
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Wudang Ba (8) Dong (hole) Tian (sky) emphasize on qi-leading & breathing. Spendid movements help strengthen internal organs. It matches the natural physic & qi-flowing of the body. Long term pracitce has excellent effect on anti-aging. An excellent health-preserving exercise for young & old people.
This form mainly prevent & cure diseases of cervical vertebra. It is the upper part of the spinal cord, one of the most important part of the body. It connects head & body. If it has problem, it affect entire body in result of dizzy, paralysis, to vomit, dull of hearing & vision, & headache due to pressure on nerves, lack of oxygen transporting to the brain, & qi-blocking. Jiu (9) Dong (hole) Tian (sky) is an advanced routine that takes Ba (8) Dong (hole) Tain (sky) further. Forms are based on Ba Dong Tian. It not only has the health-preserving advantage from Ba Dong Tian, it also consist of self-defense skills of taijiquan. Essense taiji skills is required for this exercise. An advanced Wudang taoist health-preserving exercise.
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