Wudang Pan Long Men Series
by Master Sun, Xiang
About the performer: Master Xiang Sun is am important inheritor of Wudang Pan Long Men kungfu. He is now the President of Police Special Forces Training Base amd the General Coach of Wushu in Police Special Forces.
Fundamentals (2)
12 Tian Tou (leg method) (2)
Pan Se (Winding Snake) 8 Palms (1)
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Bagua Palm (2)
Jin Gang (Vajra) Fist (2)
Pan Long (Winding Dragon) Staff (2)
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Silver Dragon Broadsword (1)
Fire Dragon Spear (1)
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Pan Se 8 Palm is the core of Wudang Pan Long Men kungfu. It was never shown to outsiders in the past. Routine is in 8 sections. Each section has its own special palm methods and training methods. It has detailed instruction on (collide), Pi (split), Cha (insert), Chung (pierce), Gua (hang) ..several movements.
Pan Long Men is a major branch in Wudang kungfu. Fundamental techniques are extremely important. This program provides detailed insturction on training hand, wrist, ankle, body, waist, legs, & feet.
Its rare that Wudang Kungfu emphasis on leg methods. Pan Long Men is different from other branches. It also emphasis on leg methods. Its 2nd level internal gong especially trains leg methods. It is a rare Wudang kungfu routine.
Like other kungfu, PanLong Men also has its own bagua palm. It contains 12 sections to walk as a bagua. Very Practical. Tuo, Cha, Che, Pi, An, Koui, and other techniques can easily defeat opponents. It also has leg methods to coordinate with palm methods.
This is a hard routine. Fist fast and hard as Vajra. Body movements and footworks are agile and changeable. Opponents are easily be confused. A well-balanced kungfu on both attack and defense.
Forces are generates from waist to the end of the staff. Agile body movements and footwork easily form attacking opportunities causing "hitting in advance and retreat; hitting up, down, left, & right in one.
A well-balanced broadsword routine on both attack & defense. Its fast movements look like silver dragon flying in the sky.
This spear routine not only emphasis the changeable usage of softness and hardness on spear forces, but also its changeable body methods. Same as other routine, forces are from waist; two hands coordination in holding spear can naturally release the strength of the spear.
Blue Dragon Sword (2)
A fierce sword routine. Fierce but not blindly aggressive. Both soft & hard. Agile footwork. The sword play is natural & unrestrained, casual & elegant. Movements are practical & well-linked.
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