Wudang Nan Zhong Song Xi Branch
Nei (Internal) Jia Fists Series
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Yanqing Fist (1)
Guang Ming Fist (1)
Ruler Fist (1)
Falcon Fist (1)
Swallow Fist (1)
Yau Zhi Fist (1)
Dragon Palm (1)
White Rainbow Sword (1)
Mind Stick (1)
Tiger Tail Stick(1)
by master Tan, Ben Lun
About the performer: Master Ben Lun Tan is the 19th generation inheritor of Wudang Nan Zhong Song Xi Branch wushu and life time honorable committee member of Chinese Wudang Fist Research Association.
Yanqing Fist has both characteristics of Nei (internal) Jia Fists and Wi (external) Jia Fists, emphasizes interanl qi & arc steps and also wide-opened movements. Its agile and various movements was widely beloved by wushu practicers
Guang Ming means reinstate Ming dynasty from Qing dynasty. It was created by a group of people in the beginning of Qing dynasty, which is about 300 years ago, for reinstating Ming dynasty. Its major movements are hammer fists, traditional Nei Jia fists. It emphazies counter-attack. Not to use hardness to fight against hardness. Observe weakness and hit it.
Ruler fist has two training methods. One trains external energy, power-issuing; Another trains internal qi, mind, & will. It combined fighting theories of Taiji, Hsing-I, and Bagua. Emphasizes harmony combination of internal gong, kungfu frames, & sanshou. Softness against hardness.Observing opponents' movements before acting.
Emphasizes clear mind empty will. Movements naturely expressed. Using opponents' energy to fight back opponents. Changable movements based on different situtations..
Entry level routine of Wudang Song Xi branch kungfu.Practical. Most movements are grap, hit, throw, kick, & lean and hit. Special Routine that train both internal & external energy.
It was created by master Wong, Bo Nian. It focuses on training internal forces. Movements are performed naturally, smoothly. Using opponents' energy to fight back opponents. Real & unreal in one; mind & will in one. Neck should be straight while practicing.
Yau Zhi is a kind of bird. This routine is created by Fa long based on I-ching theories. It combined techniques of dim muk, chin na, taoist breathing method.
Also named as South Taiji Sword or Chun (Pure) Yang Sword. Observe opponents' movement before acting. This sword routine focuses on footwork. Agile footwork create great opportunity to counter-attack. Footwork includes sliding step, edging step, crossing step, reverse summersault step. This routine features not to use sword . Not to use sword tail makes movement fast; Not to use sword point create more attacking opportunity.
A weapon routine based on the empty hand form techniques. Never waste forces & energy. Use stick as a long pole. It has tiger claw method to grap opponents' weapon. Very Practical. Practicers can even use umbrella to practise.
This routine focuses on pointing, cuttingm covering, sweeping, hitting. Its hand methods, body movements, footworks are consistance and in harmony. Stick techniques are changable and adroit. Fully expressed the characteristic of "stick sticking with body"
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Liuhe Fist (1)
Demonstration of Wudang Nan Zhong Song Xi Branch Kungfu (1)
Small Arhat (Xiao Louhan) Fist (1)
This routine doesn't have any "decoration" movement. All useful. Fierce, tough, fast, hard, strong movements in cloase and small forms.
An old form. Practical. Grabbing within hitting, throwing within grabbing. Movements are well-linked and inter-changable. It can be used in both single practice or sparring training. Waist turning and hip bone turning are the focus of the routine.
It demonstraties all major forms of Wudang Nan Zhong Song Xi Brnch Kungfu. It is not only a practical fighting kungfu, but also a very well-known health-preserving kungfu.