Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan DVD Series
108 Forms of Wu style (Hao Jia) Taijiquan
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Content: 2 DVD discs          Duration: 115 mins
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by Fang, Shan (6th generation inheritor of Wu style Hao Jia taijiquan, 7th level wushu master)
108 Forms Wu style Hao Jia Taijiquan was created by Wu, Yuxiang. Its features are : The gestures are tight. The motions are stretching and slow. The step skills are strict. It distinguishes solid from empty. Get forwards and withdraw with whole body. Always keep in the middle while revolving. Control the external motions through the internal switches of solid and empty and the transitions of internal breath. If practicing for a long time, it can upgrade the potential energy of lives. So it can keep one healthy, long-lived, and away from getting old fast. It has the effects of curing the illnesses and keeping healthy. And it can cultivate our minds, making one become elegant and graceful.
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Specification: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified
Chinese/ English)