Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
by Master Qiao, Songmao
Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan (2)
Demonstration of Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan & Weapon Routine (1)
Wu3 Style Health Strengthen Tai Chi Sword (1)
About Performer: Master Songmao Qiao was born in Huian, Hebei Province, in 1955. He is the 5th generation inheritor of Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan. He is now the Vice President of Hebei Wushu Association and founder of Hebei International Taiji Friendship Association. He has been invitied for 8 times performing  publicly in Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries. His performances are highly recommended as the model and standard for Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan practicers.
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VCD Set US$13.99
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Wu3 style Taichi Quan has 85 forms. Its style is exquisite and compact. The posture is tight and intangible.  Movements such as defelect, push, press and stamp are used in each set with attack hidden in. Moving forward or backward is determined according to the enemy's intention. This boxing is played in a quiet, powerful and graceful way. It's easy to learn and can prolong your life.
140 mins
Wu3 style Health Strengthen Tai Chi Sword has 25 forms. It's created on the basis of Wu3-style Taichi Chuan and Wu3 style Taichi guideline. It combines the techniques of broadsword and sword. Its basic hand form is sword-figure, requiring the sword move with the player, and integrating the body into one.  It's better for a person to practise it after one can play basic movements of  Wu3 style Tai Chi Chuan well.
A selection of the fundamental movements of Wu3 style Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sanshou & Sparring, & Health Strengthen Tai Chi Sword.
Item code: WTC011
56 mins
58 mins
13 Forms Simplified Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan (1)
62 mins
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The 13 movements are "Ben", "Jiang", "Jie", "An", Chai", "Lei", "Zou", "Kou", "Jing", Tou", "Gu", "Pan", "Ding". Movements are close, compact, and small. Using internal qi to lead the body movements to reach mind, qi, forms in one.