Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
by master Gao, Lian Chen
About the performer: Master Lian Chen Gao is 4th generation inheritor of grand master Hao Wei Zhen's Wu style Tai Chi Chuan; President of Zheng Zhou Wu style Tai Chi Chuan Association. He passed 6th grade national wushu evaluation, top grade province instructor, national wushu judge.
Traditional 108 Forms
Tai Chi Chuan (8)
New Frame 48 Forms
Tai Chi Chuan (3)
Fundamentals (1)
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It has sufficient effect of reducing "hard" forces & increasing internal, leg, & waist strength. It provides a solid foundation for further training in Wu3 style tai chi chuan. Among different fundamental forms, there are both easy & relatively difficult forms. You can based on your own training purpose & physical ability to choose the one that most suitable for your need.
This form was formed based on the movements in Old Frame. It retains the characters & the core of Old Frame and added techniques of push hand & free sparring. Emphasizes the coordination of attacking techniques & mind.
Wu3 style taiji 108 forms retains the traditional forms & spirit of wu3 style taiji quan. It was added the techniques of push hand & free sparring to make the form more practical & complete.
55 Form Taiji Sword (2)
36 Form Taiji Spear (1)
36 Form Taiji Staff (2)
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It is a traditional weapon routine. It was told that this routine was created by master Wu, Yuxiang based on traditional Wu3 style 13 Shi (form), & altered by master Chen, GuAn to make it more complete. It plays freely & not regulated by rules. A passive routine with less initation of attack. It flows with opponent's movements & moving trend and wait for its attacking opportunity.
This form was created by master GuAn Chen, based on his 70 years experience in taiji & wushu. It is a force-issuing practicing routine. Continuous spear movements are close & well-linked. Softness within hardness. A practical weapon routine.
This form was developed from 13 Forms Taiji Staff by deceased master Ghen, GuAn. It has two different ways to practising this form, hard way & soft way. Hard way trains speed & strength which is more suitable for young people. Soft way trains mind & spirit. A health-preseving routine.
Taiji Da Shou & Zou Jia (1)
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Da (hitting) Shou (hand) is a taiji gong. It is different from Zou Jia (Walking Frame), but they have unbreakable relationship. They are mutually important to each one. Though continuous practicing of Zou Jia to reach the stage of "using heart to lead mind, using mind to lead qi, using qu to lead body movements, using body movements to lead hand movements" & harmony of spirit, qi, & mind. It creates the real powerful "soft" forces of taiji (Taiji Jing).
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