Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan
by master Di, Wei Chuan
Wu3 style Tai Chi 5th generation inheritor,
Chairman of Yungnan Wu3 style Tai Chi Chuan Club
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Traditional 108 Forms
Tai Chi Chuan (4)
4 Different Push Hand Methods & Power Issuing Method (1)
Simplified 36 Fomrs
Tai Chi Chuan (2)
Spear Staff (1)
Standing Pole Methods &
Small Frame (1)
Sword Broadsword (1)
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Push Hand methods are based on the theory of Yin & Yang. Using 8 methods 5 steps to realize that both practicers are following opponents movements naturally and no one is leading movements.
Utilize mind to lead qi to reach spirit, qi, mind 3 in 1. Featuring its changeable movements. It uses opponents' forces to hit back opponents. Using mind & qi to change & lead the external movements.
This routine is simpified from 108 forms traditional routine. It summarized the core of Wu3 style Tai Chi Chuan. Movements are slow and soft, smooth and linked well.
Wu3 style standing pole methods divided into two different usage purposes. 1 is health-preserving; 2 is attacking. Part 1 uses to improve internal strength. Small Frame also named as Kungfu Frame featuring small steps and small moving ranges. All external movements are leaded by internal forces
Sanshou routine in Wu3 style Tai Chi Chuan. Unlike the soft and slow tai chi routines, this routine requires strong & hard forces. 
Special sword routines. Force issuing is short and fast. Swords act like the extension of practicer's arm.
It is a rare routine that seldom teaches in the public and shows on educatonal materials. Practising in pair, shifting attack & defense position can higly improve body strength.