Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan Yin Me Sec. Series
by Xie, Shou Zhong
2nd generation inheritior of Wu2 style Tai Chi: YinMe Sec.,
Professional Chinese Medicine Doctor
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan: 37 Forms Practical Attacking Techniques (2)
108 Forms Sparring Exercises & Its Practical Techniques (2)
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Item Code: WTJ08
These techniques follows the ryle of "using softness against hardness", "observing before action", & "using little energy against powerful opponent".  Major techniques are qi, an, chai, le, zhou, kao. Following the order of "jing, tou, gu, pan ding" doing the footwork, eye method, & body method to perform effective attacking & defending skills.
This routine is organized & arranged based on the essential techniques of Wu2 style & Yang style Tai Chi Chuan. The closely linked movements from both parties flow with each other smoothly & naturally.
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan:
Natural Broadsword (1)
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan:
Natural Sword (2)
Item Code: WTJ11
Item Code: WTJ10
Wu2 style Tai Chi broadsword is a well-known broadsword routine among different style of broadsword routine. Its movements can smooth like silk and quiet like surface of lakes. Its major techniques are pi, ce, liao, sao, jie, tiao, gi, gua, kan, duo, ben, dian, mo, chuan, & zha.
This sword routine has 54 forms. Movements of the sword play are linked closely. Attacking & defending skills are both arranged reasonably. Softness & hardness in one. It helps qi flowing through meridians.
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