Wing Chun White Crane Fist
by Su, Ying Han
About the performer: Ying Han Su is the representative master of Wing Chun White Crane fist.
Fundamentals (1)
7 Step 3 Zhan (1) 13 Tai Bao (1)
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Duration: 53 mins
Duration: 57 mins
Duration: 54 mins
Wing Chun White Crane Fist is one among 7 major fist forms in Fujian Province. It imitated crane movements. This program covers basic fist, hand, palm, finger, hook, claw, footwork, & training method. Hardness with softness, tight & close form structure, various & changable hand methods, clear attackiing & defending will.
13 Tai Bao is one of core routine in Wing Chun White Crane Fist. It takes "7 Steps 3 Zhan" training further. Clear structure. It mainly trains left &right dodging method, advanced & retreat attacking & defending method, & force-issuing. It also covers dropping & jumping methods.
The basic routine in Wing Chun White Crane Fist. Through this training, player could establish solid basic skills of body method, footwork, hand method, & standing posture.
Beauty Combing Hair & Applying Make-up (1) Chuang Xin Zhong Fist (2)
13 Shake Step (1)
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Duration: 51 mins Duration: 60 mins Duration: 105 mins
13 Shake Step is one of core routine in Wing Chun White Crane Fist. It takes training of "7 Steps 3 Zhan" further on advanced, turning, & shaking methods. The shaking method are divided into upper, middle, lower body shaking methods. Upper shaking method called "Blue Dragon Rolling up Water", Middle body method called "Blue Dragon Flying out Water". Lower body method called "Blue Dragon Tumble Water". 3 different shaking methods represent 3 different range of shaking associating with attacking & defending methods. Entire routine has 13 shaking methods.
This routine imitated a girl combing hair, applying make-up, facing a mirror, worshipping buddha different movements, assoicating with breathing & exhaling methods. Wing Chun White Crane Fist was created by famous lady master, Fang QiNiang, so this routine was well-known in female players. Its routine structure is light, agile, & soft. Chuang (pierce through) Xin (heart) Zhong (Center) Fist is the most basic routine in Wing Chun White Crane Fist. It is one of 5 main steps. It contains body method, footwork of other 4 main steps. This routine added 45 degree open & close, & open step training. It focused on training of attacking & defending skills of middle body. It helps hand circling, enchancing footwork, body balance, strength of wrist.
Praying Mantis Facing Sun (2) Duck Stepping Water (1) White Crane Opening Wings (2)
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Duration: 58 mins Duration: 107 mins
Duration: 101 mins
This routine takes 3 basic routines, "7 Step 3 Zhan", "13 Tai Bao", & "13 Shake Step" further. It starts training player on Left Right Open & Close forms, Front kicking, Left Right Shake Fist, & Front dodging step. Its fist methods covers all directions. It also covers unpredictable upper fist & sweeping hand. It is one of 5 major Wing Chun White Crane Fist routines.. Softness with hardness. This is a routine that imitates different wings movements of White Crane. Palms are wing tips; Arms are wings. Entire routine follows "ZhiWu ZhongZheng" circling theories. "White Crane Opening Wings", "White Crane Flipping Wings", "White Crane Cutting Wings", "Cross Hitting Hand" are the repesentative forms.
This is a routine that imitates Praying Mantis Preying on Cicadas. It not only covers "Sickle Cut Flower" (lower body skill), "Wasp Leaving Nest" (middle body skill), but also "Pull A Ox Cross A River" (middle body skill on straight line turning retreat steps), & "Praying Mantis Facing Sun" (upper body skill). Movements are soft & clear. Footwork is agile & fast with various hand methods.
Thousand Word Hits (1)
Shaking River & Sea Fork (1)
Running Horse Returning Whip (1)
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Duration: 53 mins
Duration: 54 mins
Duration: 55 mins
This routine is a straight line advancing, linked, repeated & continous attacking routine. Through special hand methods & 3 step jumping linked hit, perform left, middle, right 3 differect attack. Associating with leg methods (jumping, kicking, steping, butting, & striking), knee methods, & hand methods (grap, catch, press, strike...), this routine performs middle, straight-line-advanced hitting method. A well balanced and practical routine.
A traditional Wing Chun White Crane Fist weapon routine. It is also called "Iron Fork", or "3 Spikes Fork". It was usually specially made based on the height of the player. Lenght between 160cm to 180cm (5ft to 6ft). Origin of Wing Chun was in the mountain, people practicing Wing Chun use it to hunt, self-defense, & self training. Through time to time, it developed its well-known practical value.
Wing Chun Whip (Ruler) is a pair of short weapons, like both fork & sword. It mainly trains lower & middle body skills. Its major skills are Ko (lock), Shuai (stumble), Jia (frame), Cha (insert), Chuo (poke), Cai (collect), Ge (cut), Qiao (pry), Lian (block), Bian (whip), Pi (batch), Po (break), Juan (roll), Yau (shake), & Shan (swing)...etc. Well-organized advance & retreat movements with agile footwork. A representative Wing Chun Weapon routine.
ShanZhan ZhiWu Staff (1)
TaiGong Fishing (1) Crane Wings Double Broadsword (1)
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Duration: 54 mins
Duration: 55 mins
Duration: 59 mins
An important weapon routine. Front end of the staff is bigger than the other end of the staff. Staff-piercing requires forefinger pressing the front part of staff towards front. Holding method of this staff is shifting between "half holding" & "full holding".
This is an advanced staff routine based on the movements of "ShanZhan ZhiWu Staff". It not only contains "ShanZhan" methods, but also include "Cross hitting & Cross solving" methods. It covers 6 different lower body hitting forms, 4 different upper body hitting forms. Major skills are Tiao (raise), Ti (pick), Kun (tie), Sha (fight), Dian (point), & shuai (throw).
Crane Wings Double Broadsword is a pair of short broadsword. It was called "butterfly broadswords" in Peng style Wing Chun. Its length is about 50 cm, each weights 500 gram. Handy, agile, practical is the characteristics of these weapons. Major skills are Tiao (raise), Kan (cut), Mo (wipe), Pi (Chop), Chang (winding), Dian (point), Xia (pare), Chou (draw), Ci (pierce), Jie (intercept), Liao (sweep) & more.... Reverse holding method is always used in this routine.
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