Yin Men Wing Chun Fist Series
By Lin, Xin
About the performer: Southern Fist instructor, Direct inheritor of Canton Hong Fist Master Deng Jin Tao.
Xiao Lian Tou (1)
13 Zhuang Hand (1)
Item Code: WCQ12
Item Code: WCQ13
Xiao Lian Tou is a entry level routine in Wing Chun Fist. There are two training methods in Yin Men Wing Chun: Training of Gong & training of skills.Training of Gong is a slow pace training of "tight". It improves players endurance & internal strength. Training of skills is a "loose" training to refine players' hand methods & force issuing. Solid fundation of Xiao Lian Tou is important for further Wing Chun training.
Yin Men Wing Chun is a Canton Hong Fist. It was adopted by Canton Hong Fist master Liang Zan and was common among Canton dramatists . 13 Zhuang Hand is the entry level routine in Yin Men Wing Chun Fist. It contains all basic practical hand methods in Yin Men Wing Chun. This program covers all major essences of Yin Men Wing Chun. If one knows all the skills well in 13 Zhuang Hand, one knows most of the important skills in Yin Men Wing Chun Fist.
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