Wing Chun (Yong Chun) Fist Series
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Wooden Dummy Techniques (1) Nian (Attaching) Hand Applications (1)
by Deng, jiengeng/ Pan, Yinglong
by Liang, Yingchang/ Liang, Manzhi
Item Code: WCQ30
Item Code: WCQ29
Essences & Applications of Wing Chun (1) Self Defense Skills of Wing Chun (1)
by Yan, Xiao Zhuang
by Yan, Xiao Zhuang
Item Code: WCQ10 Item Code: WCQ11
This program covers essences skills of leg methods, elbow methods, & knee methods. It also shows applications of palm methods & fist. It helps you understand the fighting essences of Wing Chun in short period of time. This program covers 8 major heavy Wing Chun fighting skills. All are useful self-defense skills. It shows you how to change from passive to proactive position in different situations. It helps you understand the essences of street self-defense in short period of time.
Wing Chun Fist (1)
Item Code: WCQ09
performed by instructor Li, Wei Liang
This Wing Chun Fist routine was created by master Huang, Ru Fang based on Foshan Wing Chun. He added skills of Shaolin, Taiji, Taixu, Mok Family Fist, Boxing, Wrestling into this Wing Chun routine. He was called "King of Mi Ji", so this routine also called " Mi Ji Wing Chun". Detailed & steady footwork with feet tip towards inside. Qi stores in DanTian; feet tips initiate forces; forces go up meeting qi and issue at arms through body. 7 snake form hand methods, Practical & useful.
by master Lu, Bo Jun
Wing chun instructor of FoShan JingWu School
Xiao Lian Tou (1)
Biao Zhi  (1) Xun Qiao (1)
Item Code: WCQ06
Item Code: WCQ08
Item Code: WCQ07
A fundamental routine in Wing Chun. No complex movements. It focuses on basic attacking & defending hand forms of Wing Chun. Solid training of each movement in Xiao Lian Tou is very important to move on to next level.
Xun Qiao is an advanced routine in Wing Chun. It is the stairway to the fighting training. It uses basic hand skills of Xiao Lian Tou to form varied practical forms by using different combination of hand skills. It has Zhuan (turning) Ma (horse) & Jin (advance) Ma (horse); It has its own hand methods & also leg methods. It enhances players' strength of waist and lower body. With steady & solid lower body, more powerful forces can be issued.
Biao Zhi is the intermediate routine in Wing Chun. It built on basic movements of Xiao Lian Tou. It utilized zhuan (turning) me (horse) & combination movements of hands to bring the strength of the lower part of body into full play. It covers short, middle, & long range attacking techniques. Player needs to be relaxed while performing the form. Some forms look soft but actual is solid like steel. With the training of "Ben Tai Zhi (finger)", directly passed down by master Lin,Rui Wen, this routine became more powerful.
Fighting Essences of Wing Chun Fist (Part 1 & 2) (2)
Item Code: WCQ05
performed by instructor Li, Chen Wei
Wing Chun is the origins of Jeet Kune Do. It is famous in its lightning fast attacking forms. Major movements are direct & powerful straight line offensive skills, finding shortest way to hit opponents. Plenty of police schools chose Wing Chun Fist as one of their required courses. This program covers standing postures, footwork, hand skills, elbow skills, & leg skills of Wing Chun Fist in detail.
by master Mai, You Ming
Ye, Shao Hong/ Deng, Ming Zhong/ Sheng, Ze Xiong/
Liu, Pei Ji/ Pang, Ying Ming/ He, Yong Sheng
Palm Training (2) Fist Training (1)
Item Code: WCQ01 Item Code: WCQ02
Palm training is used to train defending reaction. This program included 11 palm methods, 4 hand methods. Training of spot defending skills & points of absorbing forces is important to replace solid offence with softness.
This program contains the basic fist forms of Wing Chun Fist. It includes 7 different hammer fist forms. Fist proverb, "Fist training with out perseverance, at the end, you get nothing", pointed out fist training should do continously.
Footwork Training (1)
Shoulder, Feet, Elbow, Knee Training (1)
Item Code: WCQ03
Item Code: WCQ04
Fist proverb saying "Before fist training, you must train your standing posture well" showed the importance of footwork & standing posture. Through this training, it solidified your lower body. All other body movements are built on solid footwork. In combat, solid lower body movements determined the winner. It contains 6 important footwork skills.
Shoulder skills are skills with the help of angle, direction & turning forces to use opponents' forces to create soft-against-hard counter-attack opportunity. Feet skills are skills of using feet sole to defend & counter-attack. Knee & Elbow skills are usages of wrist forces to fully release elbow & knee forces with combination of fist & leg skills.
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