Wing Chun DVD Series
by Mai Tenglong
About Performer: World Southern Fist (Nan Quan) Champion, International martial Arts All-Round Champion, National Martial Arts Champion
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Item Code: WC031
Siu Nim Tao (Xiao Lian Tou)
Item Code: WC027
Duration: 63 mins
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Siu Nim Tao is a primary routine of Wing Chun Chuan. The movements are not a lot but contain the basic movements and skills of Wing Chun. On a good basis of the movements in Siu Nim Tao, the further study will have a solid foundation.
Chum Kiu (Xun Qiao- Blocking Techniques)
Item Code: WC028
Duration: 65 mins
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Chum Kiu is a medium level routine in Wing Chun Chuan. Practice in rhombuses routines and directions, combining with the attacking and defending hand skills, step skills, and leg skills of Wing Chun. The attacking skills include three pushing palms, three Arm Hands (up, middle, and down), and needle steps, bounding waist, kicks to the front, to the side and from the side. It is a necessary learning process to reach higher level skills.
Biu Tze (Biao Zhi- Thrusting Techniques)
Item Code: WC029
Duration: 64 mins
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Biu Tze is an advanced routine in Wing Chun Chuan. It is based on many basic attacking and defending techniques from Siu Nim Tao, combining stance turning and different hand movements to fully express the functions of stance, waist, and steps. The attacking skills cover all the distances from close to far.
Actual Combat
Item Code: WC030
Duration: 77 mins
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This program teaches the basic training methods of Wing Chun Chuan, applications of Siu Nim Tao, One-inch Force and One-inch Punch, and how to use Wing Chun in an actual combat.
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Mandarin Chinese, Two Subtitles (English, Chinese)