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Wen Sheng Fist Series
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by Master Wang An Ling
About the performer: Master An Ling Wang is 3rd generation inheritor of Wen Sheng Fist. He is the Sec Headmaster of Wen Sheng Fist & the President of Shangdong JiNing XingJou Wushu School.
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Wen Sheng
Warrior Broadsword (1)
Wen Sheng
Warrior Sword (1)
Nei (Internal) Gong
Breathing Method (2)
Er (Two) Teng Jia (Frame) (3)
Er (Two) Ru (Routine) Chuan (1)
Free Step
To (head) Teng Jia (Frame) (1)
12 Ru
Dan (single) Teng Gong (4)
Ge Mo Hand (3)
Er Teng Jia also called Bao Er Teng Jia. A fast-movement routine that is lead by footworks. It presents the powerful internal strength of Wen Sheng Fist. A very important routine in Wen Sheng Fist. It has 108 forms divided into 6 sections Each section contains 2 groups of the combination of methods. Each section is linked by "Da Qiang (big spear) Linked Step".
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To (head) Teng Mu Jia (Frame) (1)
It is the summarized routine of Er Teng Jia. It contain 42 forms. It retains the characteristics of Er Teng Jia, a well-linked routine with slow, fast, solid, & soft movements all in one.
It is a contemporary sanshou techniques & sparring training in which applied the internal gong method & forms. It helps you to determine when is the "chance", to know how to earn more spaces for attack & defense, how to apply sudden close attack.
Fundamental of Wen Sheng Fist. It is a combination of 32 attacking skills. Neat & tight movements.Simple and easy to apply. Basic footwork is "Horsing-riding step". It helps to improve stability & balance. To totally present its balance & primitive simplicity, practicers has to play it in clear & relex mind.
It is a form evolved from "To Teng Mu Jia". It combines the "Free Step", "Ji (attacking) Step", & "Linked-attaking Step" with the forms in To Teng Mu Jia. It gives people the feelings of solid, steady, & strong.
12 Ru Dan Teng Gong is a fundamental routine in Wen Sheng Fist. It contains 3 Hammer fist methods, 3 palm methods, 3 elbows methods, 3 leg methods. It is a valuable routine in both health-preseving & practical fighting meaning. While training, it requires the harmony coordination of breathing & movements, footworks & body, hand methods.
This breathing method is divided into "Jing (still) gong breathing method" & "Dong (active) gong breathing method". They are mutually promoted. Through the breathing methods, the intaking air to lung & vapor from stomach creates "Zong Qi", which helps to spread the qi through the body and interanl organs..
A short weapon routine in Wen Sheng Fist. Practicers must remember the essentials of Wen Sheng Fist while playing this sword routine. It presents the strength of Wen Sheng Fist.
A simple, balanced  weapon routine with beautiful movements. It features fast lightning movements. Broadsword follows the movement of arms; Arms follow body movements; Body movements follow footworks.