Wan Lai Sheng's
Zi Ran Men (Natural Branch) Kungfu
by master Liang, Chao Qun
About the performer: Master Chao Qun Liang is the disciple of Wan Lai Sheng, who was a great wushu master He is now a general coach of Wang Lai Sheng Wushu Association in France. He passed 6th level Chinese Wushu evaluation examination.
About master Wan Lai Sheng: He was disciple of wushu grand master Du Xinwu and was taught all the essenses of Zi Ran Men by Du Xinwu.
Combat Skills of Zi Ran Men (1)
Item Code: ZRM029
These combat skills were directly passed down by gand master Du Xinwu. Master Wan Lai Sheng had the sayings to describle the essences of these skills: "capture & arrest alive", "escape & dodge tactfully", "shrink & extend / rise & drop skillfully", keep the body soft & agile. Trainees should remember: "no start & end for both stop and move", changeable, all movements are natural "reactions".
Shaolin Zhi Mu Linked (Interlocked) Fist (1)
Item Code: ZRM030
Zhi Mu Linked fist is Liuhe fist. Liu He means coordination of hands & feet, shoulders & hips, elbows & knees, the spirit & mind, mind & qi, qi & strength. The movements must have both speed & skill, both precision & power. Ultimate goal is reaching the level the spirit & movements are completely coordinated.
Shaolin Qing Long (Blue Dragon) Fist (1)
Item Code: ZRM031
Shaolin Qing Ling Fist pays emphasizes the calm of mind, skill in combat, stabilization, accuracy, and ruthlessness of the movements. It also requires that to push chest out, draw the belly and lower the groin. It was said: the waist is like the axis, hands are like wheels, light upper body & heavy lower body. Move as if the deer staying, the badger running, the cat passing, the dog escaping, & the sparrow hawk turning over.
Application of Shaolin Liuhe Fist (1)
Item Code: ZRM032
Shaolin Liuhe fist has been developed coninuously in practice by master Wan Lai sheng. It is finished when it is used in actual combat. "One moves, everything moves; one stills, everything stills" The tranquility causes the calm of the opportunity; the movement causes the change of all. Master Wan Lai Sheng has told the disciples: "I studied Shaolin Liuhe fist and realized all kungfu requires understanding of the meaning of Liu He (six harmony). Without understanding it, your kungfu would not be solid."
Application of Shaolin Liuhe Cudgel (1)
Item Code: ZRM033
This set of cudgel play was come from the leader of Shaolin 13 chuvalrous monks, Jinnaluo, & passed down by wushu master Yang, Weizhi. According to the record, Shaolin Liuhe staff was evoluted from Ba Men (8-Door) Cudgel. It is a kind of Yin Shou Staff. It is as smooth as water flows.
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