Tonbei Fist VCD Series
by master Zhao, Jian Guo
About the performer: Master Jian Guo Zhao is 3rd generation inheritor of master Zhang Ce, whose nick name was "Eastern Zerro". He is now Chairman of Hebei Xianghe Wushu Association.
Fundamentals (1)
Da Lian Huan (1)
(Big Linked Fist)
Xiao Lian Huan (1)
(Small Linked Fist)
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Among different wushu, basic trainings of Tonbei fist is especially important. It strengthens practicers tendons, bones, muscles. Training the strength of arms are particularly important. "From relex to soft; change hard to soft; consolidate softness to form hardness; End of hardness is softness" is the core of Tonbei Fist
It is a routine for Tonbei Fist beginners. It includes basic fist, palm methods, leg methods. Linked together to form a series of practical attacking & defensing skills.
A traditional routine in Tonbei Fist. It is an intermediate routine based on the training of Xiao Lian Huan (Small Linked Fist). It features force of fling, force of pound, sliding body method to show the characteristics of "to be close to" fighting techniques.
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Group Fighting 18 Methods (2)
Ying Di 12 Linked Fist (1)
Lie Men 12 Grappling Methods (1)
Hand as hard as steel, wrist as soft as cotton, Two arms as extendable as whips. It's a long range fighting techniques in Tonbei Fist. Featuring fast hand movements and waist body method.
Tonbei Fist is not only a good one to one fighting form is also a good one to group fighting form. Group fighting requires agile movements and changable attacking and defensing methods. Clear Observation before move; Utilizes opponents' forces to fight against opponents; Advances in weakness are the rules in group fighting.
These ChinNa methods shows the entire attacking spirit in Tonbei Fist. Featuring forces of arms are Pound, Slash, Ben, Attach; Featuring fist methods are Leng, Tian, Cui, Kuai, & Ying. Important skills in Tonbei Fist.
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Po Men 32 Palm Methods (2)
Heart-shaped 68 Methods (4)
Che (taking apart) Fist (1)
Tonbei Fist not only emphasis attacking skills but also defensing skills. This routine is an routine teach you how to solve opponents' attacks. Its main purpose is to train the practicers are able to attack and defense at the same time. A traditonal Tonbei fist routine.
A traditonal routine that rarely shows to outsiders. This routine contains all the attacking and defensing skills of Tonbei Fist. It has a 10-word phase to follow practising. They are Leng (cold), Tian (jump), Cui, Kuai (fast), Ying (hard), Zhan (stained with), Mian (soft), Lian (linked), Zhan (attach), Sui (follow).
In Tonbei Fist, Palm = Fist, Fist = Palm. Master Zhang Ce said "Look like palm and not fist". This program shows you different usages of different palm methods. Teach you how to use palm as sharp as sword.
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Pai Dai (Hitting) Exercises (1)
Pole Hitting Exercises (1)
A very important basic training exercise. It trains practicers footworks, power of fists. Master Zhang Ce said "Force of Tonbei fist are from heels, through waist & back and then release at fists. That's why it is named as Ton (through) Bei (back) Fist.
A required course in training Tonbei Fist. It strengthens practisers two arms in releasing great forces in small movements and harmonize two arms in attacking and defensing movements.
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