Tonbei Praying Mantis VCD Series
by Li, Guo Qiang
About the performer: Tonbei Praying Mantis was passed down by Li, Yu Shan, a qing dynasty wushu. He was hired as a wushu instructor by Zhang, Xue Liang a general of national party around 1930. Guo Qiang Li was the inheritor of his Tonbei Praying Mantis Fist.
Lien Bu Fist & Tai Ci Stick (1)
Tonbei Praying Mantis Fist:
Qian 7 Ru (1)
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Item Code: PM012
Lien Bu Fist was passed down by Li, Yu Shan. It was required fist routine for all student in National Wushu Center around 1920. Simple, hardness with softness, easy-to-learn. An excellent routine for beginners. Tai Ci Stick, a short stick, was an iron stick in ancient China. Destorying & hitting away opponents' weapon were its original purpose. Nowdays, it was used to train strength of arms & agility of legs.
Li, Yu Shan combined different forces of Tonbei fist & nimbleness of Shaolin praying mantis fist. Its body movements & footwork are agile. It features swift movements and skills.
Qing Ping Sword (1)
Item Code: PM013
This routine was Li Yu Shan most favorite sword play. Its skills were used in many martial arts novels. Movements agile & speedy.
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